Monday, August 1, 2011

The Legendary People of the World, the Beautiful “old” Women in Fashion

Our fashion industry that always believes in youth overpowering everything has changed its opinion in recent years and begins to preach a culture of non-age aesthetics. Thus, mature and older women usually defeat those young faces in becoming spokespersons for beauty products while supermodels born with a face of Lolita such as Gemma Ward, Lily Cole and Sasha continue to appear in fashion shows and print ads for several years to maintain the aesthetic preference of youth that has been passed down to this century from the fashion industry and the public. 

The Russian supermodel Natalia Vodianova who becomes famous being the spokesperson for CK jeans has maintained her ageless face over the past decade and pulls off the spokesperson task for Guerlain’s classic perfume “Arabian Nights” in 2008. Even Burberry, which has always left an orthodox and old-fashioned impression, hires a bunch of young teen idols such as Agyness Deyn and Lily last year to shoot in vibrant colors and dynamic postures. The “non-ages” trend is pretty obvious.

50 to Madonna is an enigmatic age number. She held her world tour this year, got divorced, revel a new romance to the public and still sexy and beautiful. People cannot find any trace of time past on this woman. 

Angie Chiu (Zhao Yazhi) has always been this elegant image all these years, not at all disturbed by the age problem. With this gentle and quiet smile forever on her face, time only makes her even more tranquil in her exquisite elegance. Her beauty is like a bottle of vintage wine – the older, the better. 

Over 40, Vivian Chow (Zhou Huiming) is indeed a rare and excellent woman. Time hasn’t left any trace on her face or body. She remains this long hair to her shoulder and even bangs for decades, making her always looks so pure. 

Though having been called just an eye candy for awhile, Maggie Cheung (Zhang Manyu) finally becomes famous after her performance “Center Stage” (“Ruan Linyu”). She is not only a myth in the entertainment industry but also a wonderful non-age girl. We have every reason to believe that such a woman will still have the most charming smile even at the age of 60.

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