Sunday, July 31, 2011

All Stars Shine in Fashion Week Ball, Anne Hathaway Dresses up Stunning as a Princess

On July 6, 2011 local time, Paris Fall 2011 Fashion Week “White Fairy Tale Love Ball” is absolutely star-studded. This ball is held in support of”The Naked Heart Foundation” at Chateau De Wideville in Crespieres, France. As a ball dedicated to fund raising, there entails a variety of celebrities in various beautiful dresses to attend, and this ball is of course no exception but more elegant less extravagant. As the theme of this ball is set to be a white fairy tale love ball, these celebrities have to follow the dress code. With all celebrities dressed as out of the fairy tales, the whole ball is fancy and glamorous, not only making a great highlight of the fashion week, but also expressing the elegant vibe of France. Now let us have a review on the dresses some of the biggest stars wear at the ball.

Anne Hathaway dresses in a purely white bosom gown decorated simply on the trim with sequins. With no other exaggerated decorative accessories but just a simple floral tiara on head, Annie looks like as graceful as the Snow White from a fairy tale with her perfectly charming look, stunning all people present. 

Though after all these years’ appearances at countless various fashion weeks, Olivia Palermo may sometimes look tired, still, she can be the fabulous queen if she truly wants to. With an extremely chic horse haired bag on hand, Olivia looks as elegant as a European goddess in the silver sling long gown, paired with large shiny silver necklace as a bonus decoration. Her whole look seems all fresh and charming which makes you can never stare at her enough. 

Super model Natalia Vodianova wears a red gown, looking as ravishing as ever. Though the red gown may totally cover her beautiful body line, but her delicate makeup coupled with her pretty face, plus her long blonde hair and a tiny silver tiara on head, makes her look like a perky and innocent little girl just out to pick some flowers. 

Emma Watson’s stylist Caroline Sieber proves that she totally has the ability to steal the spotlight from some hottest stars. Wearing a perspective shirt matched with high waist shorts, her great body line is totally brought out. And the cute little ball-like purse in her hand paired with the simple strap shoes make her look both sweet and sexy.

Celebrity Sisters in Different Styles

Sisters are not rare in the entertainment business, but to find these celebrity sisters in the same style seems like a mission impossible. Now we will present you a closer look at how these star sisters dress up differently. 

Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton both enter the entertainment industry from being models and now they have both become the It Girls in the forefront of fashion. Though they are sisters and similar in many ways, their tastes in clothes differentiate greatly. One tends to be high-profile and uninhibitedly beautiful while the other dresses following a low-key but still extravagant code. Though each of their tastes is differently great, when they walk together in the streets for shipping, you may find Paris Hilton catch your eyes more easily with her high-profile style that often comes with various designs such as colorful patterns and bow design sling top. Paris’s blonde hair often makes her as shiny as a Barbie doll even in black dresses while Nicky digs pants more than dresses and can totally pull of simple jeans coupled with a beige coat.

As the most popular Simpson sisters in the music industry, Ashley has now topped her sister Jessica with her music achievement as well as her fashion style. One is always dressed to be perky and the other mature. Ashley’s bold style in trying new look may be the reason why she beats Jessica in dressing style. Jessica may still have a shot in competing with Ashley but she clearly put on some weight after breaking up with her boy friend while Ashley doesn’t change a bit after giving birth. 

Known as the successor of Britney, Hilary Duff looks sweet and adorable. She has been popular among American young audience since she began starring in the Disney Channel TV series “Lizzie McGuire” at 14. The movie version of the drama series also snatched a box office of $42 million, making Hilary one of the top teen idols. From their different looks, we can easily find that Hillary Duff looks much younger than her sister but her sister Haylie Duff has this charm of a more mature woman. Though being comparably short, Hilary can still pull off some best dresses. However, after the breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, Hilary seems to put on much weight but still her dress code in black help her a lot in looking slender.

Fashion Trend Setter Anna Wintour Won Legion d' Honneur -- French Highest Honor

Last week, fashion trend setter Anna Wintour was awarded French highest honor -- Legion d’Honneur. President Sarkozy presented the medal to her personally. 

It seems that in order to have an extraordinary achievement in fashion industry, you have to own an ordinary name, like Kate or Anna. Recently, apart from the two fabulous “Kate” being covered by every fashion magazine, news about Anna also steals much attention from the media. Apart from the incident of Lady Gaga mistook this big shot as her assistant and replied her congratulation text on Gaga’s winning of CFDA calling her “bitch”, Anna Wintour nailed French highest honor -- Legion d’Honneur last week. This award would have been a honor worth celebrating, but this honor is exactly the award her “arch-enemy” Azzedine Alaia once turned down. So it is very normal she may feel a little offended down in the bottom of her heart.

On the award ceremony, Anna Wintour wore a customized Chanel sapphire suit dress from 2011-2012 winter series, took off her sunglasses and changed her cool image into a super gentle look with the smile on her face through the whole ceremony. After all, this is not her ruling place. Before her, many famous designers including Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano, and Ralph Lauren have been granted this award as well as her “arch-enemy” Azzedine Alaia, with whom they have no comments to offer to each other. Things between them went from bad to worse since 2009, when Anna Wintour erased Alaia’s name from the “Model as Muse” exhibition held in Met’s Costume Institute and Alaia called Anna the dictator. At Alaia’s new series conference, no one from Vogue US showed up and Alaia also played hooky in the curtain call to apologize to her staff in the kitchen until she was caught by the French Minister of Culture to complete the curtain call finally. 

When Sarkozy tried to present the award to the maverick Azzedine Alaia back then, this young designer who has once declared that he will never join any grand brand but instead set up his own brand turned it down by claiming that the reason for his rejection was not that he didn’t like Sarkozy like people guessed but that he simply did not like decoration (the award medal is presented in the form of medal). According to this weird genius designer, he thought himself nothing different from anyone around and he treated those around him with the same attitude except for his pets because they are kings and must be treated in the royal way.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Look Back of 11-Year Harry Potter, Evolution of Emma Watson from Lolita Girl to Elegant Lady

With the seventh movie of the Harry Potter saga put on in the cinema, the series of Harry Potter has finally come to end. In the sensational premiers recently, Emma Watson made several gorgeous impressions that we can never forget. But do we still remember the little freckled doll-like Hermione with round face and curly hair in the first movie of Harry Potter? Now let’s refresh the memories with a look back on how Emma fulfills the evolution of growing from the Lolita girl to today’s elegant lady? 

August 2000, in the first photo call for the first Harry Potter movie, Emma dressed in a simple shirt with the other two little stars, wearing this shy and adorably cute smile. 

November 2002, at the premiere of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets in London, Emma wore a purple petal skirt and carried a clutch bag in the same color of her hair. With no extra jewelry or cosmetics, Emma just combed her hair as all ordinary girls at her age did. 

May 2004, at the premiere of Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban in New York, the little witch started to wow us with her magic in fashion. The bosom dress with rippled line is so elegant coupled with golden earrings in magical bell design.

May 2004, at the Wimbledon UK Premiere, Emma pulled off a cheongsam with absolute elegance and grace, showing off her own special personality quite different from Hermione to the whole world. 

July 2009, at the premiere of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in London, Emma dressed in a see-through gown to match with the rainy weather, looking perfectly compatible with the background of rain. And we can see that Emma had developed into a little young lady with great body figure and unique personal style back then. 

November 2010, at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 London Premiere, Emma dazzled all of her fans in a black lace dress and her new cropped hair. Without any extra flashy decoration, Emma presented her best look to the world by simply being the confident and elegant herself. 

July 2011, at the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 London Premiere, Emma stunned the whole world again in an extremely elegant light violet crepe dress from Oscar de la Renta, looking both enigmatically sexy and gracefully charming.

Meet Wafah Dufour, the Niece of Bin Laden

According to Reuters, Wafash Dufour is the daughter of Bin Laden's half brother, namely his niece. Her original name was Wafash Bin Laden. But after “9.11” incident, in order to get rid of the negative impact of Bin Laden, she changed her last name into her madden name Dufour. In recent days, her series of photos have been spread all over the internet with the spread of the news of Bin Laden being dead. People are mesmerized by her sexy look and great figure plus the enigmatic identity. 

Wafash Dufour has once been a professional model and she dresses in a very American style. She often shoots hot pictures for many various fashion magazines. In the series of pictures she shoots for GQ, Wafash looks smoking hot with the some extremely luring postures. In one picture, she lies in an extremely extravagant bed, with one hand clutching her chest and the other holding on to the headboard, pouting a little bit as the sexiest goddess. And in another picture, she sits in the bath tub totally naked with a glass of champing in her right hand. Though her naked body is covered by the foams and bubbles that surround her, she still looks very sexy with her bare shoulders and legs. 

Now 27-year-old Wafash Dufour is working with great efforts to get rid of the bad influence her uncle Bin Laden has left on her. In the interview with GQ, the famous American fashion magazine, Wafash says that she has nothing in common with the Al-Qaeda leader Bin Laden. She also expresses her wish that American pubic could accept her as herself regardless of her whatever identity. In the interview, Wafash Dufour said, “All people think of me as the girl who is related to Bin Laden, but in fact, I just simply have nothing to do with him.” 

Wafash Dufour can play a variety of musical instruments and she loves American pop music. Apart from her great passion for music, Wafash Dufour’s gorgeous look and hot figure also grants her the opportunity and possibility to become a Hollywood movie star and that has always been one of her dreams. To make this dream come true, recently Wafash has agreed to cooperate with American Reagan Media Company to shoot a reality TV show about her personal life. 

Beckham Becomes a Fourth-time Father with Baby Girl Harper Seven

Beckham and Victoria’s first baby girl Harper Seven is clearly the baby who attracts the most attention recently. On Sunday morning, 7:55, local time, 36-year-old Beckham becomes a fourth-time father with his first baby girl being born in a private hospital in Los Angeles. According to a friend, “David kept crying when the baby was born, but of course he was happy, they were all very happy.” 

A few days ago, Beckham revealed the origin of the name of their baby girl on a website. This super hot fourth-time father explained that the reason why he named his baby girl Harper Seven actually had something to do with Manchester United, “A lot of thought goes into our children’s names. And Harper was a name that we’ve loved for a long time for a couple of reasons. One of them is that Harper is an old English name which we love. And the other reason is that Victoria’s favorite book is To Kill a Mockingbird. The author was Harper Lee.” As for “seven”, many people assumed it had something to do with the number Beckham wears and he admitted, “I had so much luck around wearing that number wearing it for England and Manchester United. It was such an influential number throughout my career and a lucky number. But that wasn’t the main reason. The other reason was because it symbolizes spiritual perfection.” 

Later, Beckham and Victoria published the photos of their baby daughter in both of their Facebook and Twitter. In Victoria’s tweeter page, the photo she posted is Beckham holding his baby daughter while she is asleep. The gesture of this most hottest father pressing his nose against his baby daughter’s tiny little nose is so full of tender love that it makes many girls’ eyes watery and touch so many fans’ hearts. Many people around the world left their wishing messages to this most loved baby girl Harper Seven. 

The love display clearly didn’t end at all. Harper Seven made her debut on her daddy’s white and pink cleats along with her three brothers’ names. All four children’s names were stitched on this pair of sneakers, from top to bottom -- Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz and Harper. With this move, the most handsome four-time daddy not only embroiders all his children’s names on his cleats but wears his heart full of father love on the shoes.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Make Your High Heels the Most Beautiful Garden with a Lingering Butterfly

Sergio Rossi’s butterfly series will grant girls an opportunity they have never had to create a most beautiful soul on their ankles. With all kinds of beautiful butterflies fluttering their wings lingering on the high heels made of goatskin and snakeskin in one single color, the shoes turn into magical garden that will shine like the most precious diamond in the moonlight, dazzling everyone’s eyes with all kinds of flowers hidden in them. Now let the garden carnival begin!

This model makes us feel as if we accidentally fall into the rabbit hole and stumble upon the wonderland where all magical blossoms are burgeoning. Walking in this pair of shoes, we feel like watching the caterpillar turning into a most beautiful butterfly and the little buds burgeoning into glamorous blossoms. The magical garden is suffused with extremely sexy vibe and the enchanted words begin to be spread around, leaving the garden a figure of a pair of most exquisite high heels.

This model seems to lure butterflies as well as girls with its enigmatic color that is inspired by the color of the natural nautilus fossil. The designer finds the best way of using lacquer leather to create a metallic style in this great color, playing the enigmatic vibe to its fullest. Besides, the extremely slender high heels add more sexiness into this pair of stiletto. The whole design in the natural but mysteriously magnificent color will make you the sexiest lady who is delivering a most enchanting enigmatic vibe around you wherever you. Be careful you may attract too many “butterflies” to swarm after you.

The color combination of gold and black is always a classic style that is never outmoded and will do magical work in improving your elegance almost instantly once you put on this pair of high heels. The gold color of the butterfly wings creates an extravagant vibe for the whole look. The velvet material offers a subtly tender and gentle vibe, coupled with the quiet lingering butterfly design, making the whole shoes the most elegant you can ever find. Plus, the black color also delivers a sexy look. So by trying on this pair of shoes, you can definitely become the most charming woman that is both elegant and sexy.

Don’t linger around any more, take those shoes home and let the butterfly always linger around your ankle.

Become a Sweet Princess with a Pair of Cute Shoes

Every girl dreamed to become a sweet little princess when she was young and perhaps you can finally make this dream come true this summer by wearing a pair of extremely cute shoes.

The dream star style of this model can easily catch people’s eyes. Roman platform shoes may be the best design to choose if you want to have the elegance of a royal lady. The black stripes design on the bottom of the shoes makes them look both absolutely elegant and totally stylish. The extravagant vibe of this pairs of shoes increases your tastes immediately once you put them on. 

This model of shoes is designed with a sandal-style leather surface coupled with delicate patterns and lines. You can simply match them with a plain or sequined mini-dress, showing off your sexy body figure in the aid of this pair of shoes and becoming the center of attention and the most charming goddess of muse of the night.

This model is a must-have pair of low-heeled shoes for this season. This pair of shoes can instantly turn you into an individually sweet and cool girl of British style, delivering the charming royal vibe that belongs to yourself. The candy color of this pair of shoes makes it super convenient in matching clothes, because everything will look so adorably cute in the aid of this pair of shoes. You can match them with a dress or a pair of suit pants and become the best dressed effortlessly in this season. 

This pair of platform shoes can immediately increase your whole fashionable look tremendously in a differently retro but modern style, which allows you match any stylish clothes according to your personal preference without anything about mismatching. Any simple pants or dress will do to make you look stylishly chic in your own way. 

The soft and rich texture of this pair of high-heeled sandals will increase your leg strength and pull your leg line more slender. The retro style this pair of shoes cleverly creates ensures you of a great overall look without any worries in matching. A simple little dress can totally bring out your personality of a sweet and elegant princess who is most chic in the retro royal style.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Bingbing Li and Gianna Jun Pose as Lesbians on the U.S. Version of Vogue

The epic movie “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” directed by the Chinese-American Hollywood director Wayne Wang and starred by Chinese actress Bingbing Li, Korean actress Gianna Jun and Australian actor Hugh Jackman is officially unveiled in China on June 24th. From July 8, the film will be shown to the public in Britain, France, Italy, Japan, South Korea and nearly 40 countries, and then be introduced in North America on July 15 to carry out the global promotion of this big movie.

While is movie is preparing to sweep the world, Bingbing Li and Gianna Jun recently pose as lesbians for the U.S. Version of Vogue. The photographer who shoots their photo is the world's most expensive Annie Leibovitz. This indicates how Vogue thinks of this movie. It is worthy to mention that the last Asian movie star on U.S. version of Vogue was Gong Li when she starred in “Memoirs of a Geisha” six years ago. 

To match the film’s lesbian theme, Vogue chooses “Eastern promise” as the theme, and divides the shooting into two parts with accordingly modern costumes and ancient costumes. Vogue asks the two females pose as lesbians again to continue their play in the movie. In the modern part, Bingbing Li turns into this bossy girl with full with domineering but still feminine temperament while Gianna Jun leans lightly against her with delicate gesture. In the ancient part, they wear costume sitting at both ends of the wooden tables at, hand-in-hand, surrounded by very Oriental mystery.

“Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” won’t be shown in the theatre of North America till July 15, but it already has many American fans. It is reported that the original novel of the same name from Chinese writer Lisa Kwong has been on the “New York Times” bestseller list again after its first sales myth four years ago. In Hollywood, only super blockbusters such as the “Lord of the Rings” and “The Da Vinci Code” This super large can enjoy this phenomenon of novel re-selling before the movie is on. This shows how expectant American audience is to this film.

When interviewed by US Weekly, the Hollywood actor Tom Hanks admits that “Snow Flower and the Secret Fan” is one of three films he expects most this year. We are not sure if these kind words of the Chairman of the Oscar voters will help on the movie winning shot on Oscar. 

Princess Kate Leads the Fashion Trend at Wimbledon

To all tennis players at Wimbledon, the dress code is to wear white sportswear. So many guests who come to watch matches will also choose to dress in white. Princess Kate obviously value this tradition very much, her white dress makes her elegant and noble lady even on the stadium. But many other celebrities have different idea about this traditional dress code.

On June 29, Princess Kate shows up at the stadium of Wimbledon with Prince William to support British player Andy Murray. Princess Kate chooses a white dress designed by Temperley London to wear for the event. Temperley London is best known for her cocktail dress and prom dress design. 

Princess Kate's little sister Pippa Middleton dresses up in a price red skirt of 129 pounds to attend the event in Wimbledon. The color fits perfectly for the celebration on British player Andy Murray’s success into the quarterfinals. 

Though the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla does not comply with the white dress code, her royal blue suit matched with skirt in dots and pearl necklace make her look as elegant and royal as ever. Maybe royal extravagance is exactly what she aims for.

You can totally see how crazy Dakota Fanning is for Cartier from her outfit at the Wimbledon? Wearing a Cartier Small Tank Francaise watch, matched with Cartier Love Yellow Gold necklace as the main accessories, Dakota also chooses a visually comfortable dress, which is a H & M lace skirt coupled with a Elizabeth and James little suit jacket on it, creating a whole fresh and pure look with a pair of Opening Ceremony wedge sandals

Kristen Dunst comes to Wimbledon to watch the game with her stylist Leith Clark. Both of them dress wear small retro floral skirts doubled with little suit jackets which seem to be a chic and popular combination in this season. The fabulous stylist Leith Clark is the one who helps creating a new look for Kristen Dunst. We must admit she really deserves some extra credit for what she has done looking from the way how Kristen now dresses.

Olivia Palermo dresses in a beautiful transparent white long gown coupled with a white shirt and a little suit jacket, making her look both fabulously chic and stylishly elegant. You can totally feel the vibe of a famous lady and a nice lesson of how celebrities dress for themselves from her look.

Everyone’s Favorite Little Bottle

In addition to sexy models, fabulous celebrities and a feast of fashion clothes, in the 2011 New York Autumn and Winter Fashion Week, a little square bottle comes into the limelight.

Whether it’s in the fashion show, press conferences or the dressing room, this little bottle can be seen everywhere. This bottle -- FIJI Water spring has even got more spotlight than some of the stars. As the exclusively standard drinking water for fashion week FIJI Water prepares a very suitable slogan – “Good taste is always in fashion.” It’s not just about clothes or accessories, but a persistent attitude to fashion. 

Chris Pine carries FIJI Water on his way out.
Different grand brands compete with each other at Fashion Week, but they seem to have the remarkably common taste in water. VIPs, star and ladies of the first row choose unanimously the FIJI Water to enjoy the fabulous clothes while sipping it. Someone makes some statistics when fashion week ends, a total of 121,608 bottles of FIJI Water are consumed in less than a month. This amazing figure is sufficient to earn itself its own spot in the fashion industry.

Megan Fox with her little bottle
Another fan of FIJI Water is the cutting-edge American designer Christian Siriano from the Project Runway who is famous for his Gothic style. He extends this persistent personal favor to his show, making both his audience and his models revel in the pure water. 

Zac Efron drinks FIJI Water in his jogging.
How come this little bottle has so much magic to make all the big shots never put it down? Mysterious things usually have a mysterious origin, FIJI Water is no exception. Like its name, FIJI Water is a remote island called Viti Levu of Fiji Islands. There’s a primeval tropical rain forest on the valley there and around its edge stands an ancient giant volcano. Hidden in the depth of the volcano, there is vast water where the FIJI Water comes from. This extraordinary origin determines FIJI Water’s extraordinary future. In Fiji, after the centuries of filtering from volcanic layers, rainwater is abundant with the most important minerals only, making the FIJI Water have the most tender and fresh taste. Its unique taste plus its stylish design of square bottle and hibiscus flower pattern make it of Hollywood star a favorite and the most frequent guest in major party and award ceremonies. 

Anne Hathaway is a fan, too.