Friday, August 26, 2011

The Most Popular Japanese-Styled Autumn Shoes

At the transitioning period between hot summer and cool autumn, many girls have to kiss goodbye with their bright-colored cute womens shoes and embrace the dark-colored autumn womens shoes which are never cuter than summer womens shoes. Though summer womens shoes are always in better looking than autumn womens shoes, you can still pick out some pair of sweet autumn womens shoes that fit your style perfectly – here we present you some gorgeous autumn womens shoes that Japanese girls like most and hope you will find one model suits you.

Though loved by Japanese girls, this model is actually designed based on a British classic look of retro-styled Oxford plats with delicately carved patterns in the surface of the shoes. In addition, the classic suture line stitched around the whole shoe body coupled with the tiny round shoe set design presents a look that will give you visual shock with elegant charm. 

This model of high heels is designed in chic hallowed-out patterns in the surface of the insteps, bringing out the style that is both royally elegant and stylishly modern in perfect combination. And the whole look of the high heels offer people an image of gentle and sweet lady in the best feminine style. 

This model of leather flats with canvas insteps and leather laces designed in wide shapes is among the most popular models that girls love best because it is highly practical and can wear for a considerably long time against all kinds of corrosions caused by bad weather or long-time wearing. And the soft material of leather helps bring out the sweet and girlish temperament out of you in a completely warm way. 

This pair of short boots is super cute in its look with soft-looking leather wrapping the whole boots. The adorably heavy look of the boots may remind people of rain boots. The sleek and shiny leather grants a glamorous luster to this model of boots. In addition, the chic rivets designed specially on the leather straps add a tinge of unique style in a neutral fashion that is most welcomed by girls in autumn. 

Fringe is always an essentially stylish element in autumn. This pair of short fringe boots decorated with shells lined around your ankle is very sweet in its look. Without the shells, this model may appear too ordinary. But the colorful shell design makes the whole boots look cute and fun because every step you take, you will feel these shells dangling around your ankles.

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