Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stylish Peep Toe Shoes Bring out Your Sexy Side in This Summer

With the chic and cute look, peep toe has been a great design for this summer, which is totally popular and has been used in many types of womens shoes. Whether in high heels, wedge shoes or platform shoe, the stylish peep toe can be seen in a great number of fashionable womens shoes because they can help create a sexy look for you. Have you got a pair of peep toe womens shoes that you love this summer? If not, here are some options that you may like.

This pair of peep toe high heels in bright color combination of pink and lemon yellow is absolutely adorable. The checkered pattern forming an invisible bow on the instep coupled with the peep toe design, delivering you a look that is both cute and chic. And the heart-shaped pattern on the soles can win girls’ hearts easily with the complete sweetness they show.

The color of white and aqua blue is another classic color combination suit for summer season in addition to the bright candy colors, striving people with an impression of cool sea breeze, which is totally refreshing in the hot summer. This pair of white and blue peep toe high heels is both elegant and cool. The simple line designs on the instep can show your confidence best as a modern lady. Plus, the cute bow on the side of the toe is really attractive for girls, delivering the sweetest style of this summer. The whole look of this pair of peep toe womens shoes boasts gorgeous sexiness and adorable cuteness at the same time in a totally stylish way. 

The collaged pattern design with large white dots on the black insteps is very chic in an adorable way. The peep toe design makes a funny combination with the bow design over the toe. The bow in this pair of high heels is not like the traditional type resembling a butterfly but more like a dragonfly who opens its big eyes while perching on the toe waiting for its next meal silently. Theses delicately made details make the whole look of the high-heeled womens shoes so cute that you may never let them go once you touch them. 

This pair of exquisite peep toe wedge shoes in elegant beige color resembles the delicate ballerina womens shoes a lot and it can ensure you of your best look as a gentle lady. With the large white cute bow on the inside of the high heels, this pair of high heels can show girls’ soft feminine side perfectly.

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