Monday, August 1, 2011

Kristen Stewart Exudes Charm in Dress on the Red Carpet

With the revealing of the first trailer of “Twilight 4: Breaking Dawn” , the romantic wedding is exposed, plus the almost perfect description of the wedding of Edward and Bella from the original novel, we can not help but start looking forward and making guesses. What wedding gown in reality can be gorgeous enough to match our brave bride? Let us take a sneak peek through some of Stewart’s red-carpet styles to conjecture on the new Bella look! 

Kristen Stewart attends the party hand in hand with Robert Pattinson. The couple wears matched clothes, showing everyone their sweet love. Elegant single-sling little black dress in shiny black satin, coupled with a skirt in close-up bottom design, making Kristen looking both sexy and cute. 

Little bright black dress and black stiletto make a perfect combination to bring out Kristen’s delicate white skin. And the single-sling dress totally releases her romantic temperament. 

Seeing Robert cannot even move his eyes away from this dress, you will know how eye-catching this dress is. Its bright red coupled with white silk and the fine mesh combined with red silk can totally bring out Stewart’s fresh temperament. 

Still with a single-sling dress, but Stewart’s style this time aims for a young and elegant impression. With this very chic dress in simple multi-layer design, Stewart is perfectly and sexy and elegant beyond comparison. 

This orange skirt has a 80s vibe and the black stripes on the waist makes a great condensing effect visually. Plus, the bright candy color makes this skirt extremely chic. 

This little dark green chiffon dress paired with silk flower on the shoulder strap create a simple and elegant look, revealing to us a mature and dignified Kristen. 

This pink perspective dress must grant Kristen great attention, the material of thin silk combined with satin makes this dress sexy in an individual way and makes Stewart looking young and bright in this fancy glamour. 

The irregular sleeves make this little black swan dress as unique as ever. The shiny snakeskin pattern combined with the mysterious crepe make Stewart looking smoking hot with a wild tinge. 

This purple crepe bosom long gown is extremely extravagant coupled with irregular stripes, making Stewart look more elegant and confidant. People may never stop wondering the wedding gown Kristen wears in the Breaking Dawn is elegant or sexy till the movie comes out.

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