Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top 15 Worst Dressed Silicon Valley Men Selected by U.S. magazine GQ

Silicon Valley is widely known as the world's most desirable place for people in the IT industry with many geniuses there – most of them are men. Recently, the U.S. magazine GQ selected the top 15 worst dressed men in Silicon Valley. In addition to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg who tops the list, Steve Jobs as well as Bill Gates are also included on the list unfortunately.

Top 1: Mark Zuckerberg

To match jeans and tie with his lanky body, Zuckerberg’s fashion taste is shockingly low. However, even so, this look of his still made a great hit among Facebook fans and makes them compete to imitate. 

TOP2: Steve Jobs

The invariable black turtleneck sweater matched with loose high waist “Dad Jeans” and a pair of Jerry Seinfeld-styled sneakers. This uniform he creates for himself is as lame as the costume of Superman. 

Top 3: Bill Gates

Gates dresses in a total American private high school style with his neat multi-colored V-necked sweater. 

Top 4: Shantanu Narayen

The fat high waist dad jeans make this billionaire look like NBA star Nate Robinson wearing the uniform of Shaquille O’Neal.

Top 5: Dennis Crowley

Crowley dressed in a typical look of an unfashionable college boy with a lousy hooded sweater.

Top 6: Reid Hoffman

He has definitely the look of a cable man instead of a CEO.

Top 7: Tom Anderson

T-shirt, hooded sweater and overcoat, Anderson looks as unfashionable as the peace gesture he made on the picture.

Top 8: Seth Priebatsch

The orange Jersey Beach T-shirt and lousy dad jeans make Priebatsch even dressed down than the pizza delivery boy.

Top 9: Howard Stringer

Stringer’s this look make people wonder if this SONY CEO does nothing all day but go fishing.

Top 10: Ben Huh:

Black shirts with weird kittens on seem to be his favorite style and classic look.

Top 11: Blake Krikorian

Krikorian dresses in a completely lazy way with striped shirt that makes you dizzy.

Top 12: Peter Chou

The dress code he follows is always lousy sneakers and unfit jeans.

Top 13: Ron Conway (left)

Without any ties, Conway dresses in short pants and long overcoat, making his whole look resemble a funny penguin very much.

Top 14: Craig Newmark

Fold shirt, fat sports jacket and black beret – Newmark’s style of “mix and match” is really hard to describe in words.

Top 15: Chris Sacca

Seriously? Embroidered jean shirt – this is something beyond imagination.

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