Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Best Models of Shoes You Cannot Miss in Natural Style for This Autumn

With autumn around the corner, natural style has announced its comeback by showing itself from clothes to bags and womens shoes. The popular elements of flower patterns in design, wooden soles and heels, denim materials and woven fashion all reflect this theme of autumn and have been used by many designers of the big brands. The natural style of womens shoes can express the desire and wishes of people in modern cities to go back in the countryside to enjoy the rustic nature in its purest state. Besides, the nude color, exquisite lace and all-time classic plats will also go greatly with the natural styled womens shoes for this season. Here we present you some best models of womens shoes in natural style that you cannot miss for your fashion stock in this autumn.

This pair of strap wedges from Tory Burch is in a totally rustic style with the woven wedged heels and soles in their original color coupled with the leather straps in their original leather color of brown, delivering a nostalgic feeling that totally fits autumn. You can match this pair of wedges with a pair of dress in bright colors and a matching bag in the same color with chic fringe, showing out your stylish look in a completely rustic and natural way that will definitely catch many eyes without even trying. 

This model of woven styled flats is also from Tory Burch. Designed in a simple but totally adorable look with canvas insteps in dark blue and white stripes painted with red round patterns on the toe, presenting a neutral style that is perky and cute. In addition, the woven sole design is completely perfect for an autumn evening walk after supper or a trip to the countryside in the weekend. You can dress in a striped shirt and shorts to echo with the flats in the most compatible style. 

This model of leather flats from the brand of Bottega Veneta may appear as just an ordinary pair of leather flats. But by taking a closer look, you will find that the pattern on the toes is designed in a most complicated fashion with diamonds on the insteps and lace lines around the toe lines in a style that resembles much a woven method. Besides, this pair of flats is in the most popular neutral style of autumn, helping bringing out the confident you in a low-key way.

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