Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Sexiest Sandals Best for Summer Parties

Summer has almost reached the end, but it is never too late to grab a pair of fabulous summer sandals before it ends and go attending a glamorous summer party in these great sandals that make you look extremely sexy with their special designs. Here we present you perhaps the last chance to have a perfect pair of sandals that meet every expectation of yours. By owning a pair of the most suitable sandals, you can find that summer parties will never come to an end. 

This model of colored stripe platform high heels from the 2011 Prada spring and summer series has been listed among hottest items since its launch. And you can find it in all kinds of street shots. Inherited with the most popular platform model that is most popular around the 70s, coupled with bright colors, this model enters into people’s sight in an unstoppable fashion. Besides, the woven sandals in colored patterns matched with leather round buckles in the same color is a classic type of Mary Jane shoes which is totally chic. If you want to stand out in this summer, you should definitely include this model on your shopping list. 

The It Girl of fashion industry with her own unique style and the young talented fashion designer Charlotte Olympia Dellal has launched many most popular series under her namesake brand. Among them, the distinctive Charlotte Olympia waterproof platform high heels have always been welcomed among stars and celebrities that they will be sold out immediately every time once they are put on the shelf. This season’s models include the series of leopard patterns and cat faces. Their features inspired directly from the animals make one series look both wild and sexy while keep the other series full of feminine charm in a witty way. Which series do you prefer? 

The latest designs from 2011 Versace spring and summer series feature in super high slender heels up to 12 cm instead of platform bottoms, providing a chance for the high heels to show their original sexiness and charm to the fullest. The patent leather design makes the whole shoes look sleek and shiny, coupled with flowing curvy lines and the chic ankle straps, adding perfect decorations to the high heels and makes them look stylishly chic in an individual way. Besides, the sweet candy colors are super adorable and therefore help increase the popularity of the high heels among girls.

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