Friday, August 26, 2011

Adorable Candy-Colored Shoes in Cute Korean Style

Though summer may seem the most suitable season for candy-colored womens shoes that are totally adorable, they still do great in autumn, especially when it comes to brighten up the bleak autumn and to boot your mood. Using many bold chic elements, these sweet womens shoes in candy colors can have magical influence over the otherwise bleak autumn by coloring the whole image of autumn. We have prepared some styles originated from Korea and have been welcomed around the world by girls and hope you will have your favorite model chosen among them.

This model of pointy flats is absolutely adorable in a delicate way. With the super sweet bow designed in fruit patterns of cherries, the flats deliver fashionable style in total sweetness. And the decoration of shiny diamonds placed in the middle of the bow brings a tinge of extravagant style to the whole look of the flats. Plus, the cute pink color of the shoe body goes perfectly with the cherry red of the bow, making you look all sweet with whatever you decide to match the flats. 

This model is designed with super high waterproof bottoms and extremely thin heels to jointly create a modern look in complete style with the soft material of the insteps as well as the sleek patent leather of soles and high heels. The biggest highlight of this model is the decorations of rivets on the wide ankle straps, offering a neutral style that is totally cool and independently distinctive. The black color makes this model a go-with-all type of high heels that matches with everything well, sparing you the matching troubles. 

This pair of high heels is made of delicate frosted material, showing the chic and simple style in every detail of the womens shoes. At the ankle part of the high heels, the designer uses the most stylish flower-shaped metal fringes as decorations, reflecting the ladylike temperament of you in a fashion that is sweet as well as graceful. The pointy design makes this pair of high heels look longer in visual effects and therefore creating a sexier look for people. 

This model of womens shoes is designed with perfect decorations that are all shiny in smooth luster. With the flower clustered shape and the pure color design, this pair of flats can reveal the young and funky side if you while bringing you the complete comfort with the flat high heels as well as deliver your easy-going and sweet temperament to people around you.

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