Friday, August 19, 2011

Forever Helen of Troy – Diane Kruger

If you still recall Princess Helen from the movie Troy, you will never forget the gorgeous Diane Kruger. As a former professional ballet dancer, Diane’s beauty is so unique and elegant. In addition to her beauty, Diane’s great taste in fashion has also attracted public attention because she seems to be capable to dress everything in perfect grace, whether the dress is in bold, avant-garde or simply funny style. Diane Kruger’s fashion style can be best shown in her red carpet looks, in which she has attempted to try a great variety of dresses in different styles on in perfect mix and match. Diane’s great gift with excellent fashion taste makes her always stunning on the red carpet. Recently, this gorgeous goddess turned into 35, which is generally regarded as the most elegant time of a woman. Now let’s take a look back on some of the most classic looks of this Princess Helen of Troy.

This metallic colored long gown is not for everybody. The fitting cut of the dress raises highest requests for the body figure. Diane Kruger’s perfect figure and elegant temperament are enough to make her the most shining star on the red carpet. 

This white and black dress decorated with crepe halter is so delicate that Diane Kruger looks as charming as a black swan with an extravagant tiara on her head, showing the enigmatic Diane as well as the goddess-like Helen that no man can resist. 

Diane Kruger’s smile is always graceful. This blouse with blue painted flower patterns on matched with the short skirt decorated with wave patterns show the cute and chic Diane at the same time. 

The combination of high waist pants and short blouse make Diane Kruger’s perfect figure seem more slender. The candy-colored clutch bag brightens the whole look up and can improve mood substantially. 

This dress from Alessandra Rich is designed in an extravagant style, which Diane Kruger interprets perfectly with her unique and distinctive royal vibe. The eye-catching waist belt in bright orange is definitely the biggest highlight of the whole look and the design of the skirt trailing onto the ground is also totally chic. 

Diane Kruger looks stunningly gorgeous in this amazing Marchesa satin dress, which is shining in luxurious luster in complete wine red with full grace. Diane’s blonde hair echoes in a most harmonious way with the sleek dress, delivering the most confident Diane in her unique style.

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