Sunday, July 31, 2011

All Stars Shine in Fashion Week Ball, Anne Hathaway Dresses up Stunning as a Princess

On July 6, 2011 local time, Paris Fall 2011 Fashion Week “White Fairy Tale Love Ball” is absolutely star-studded. This ball is held in support of”The Naked Heart Foundation” at Chateau De Wideville in Crespieres, France. As a ball dedicated to fund raising, there entails a variety of celebrities in various beautiful dresses to attend, and this ball is of course no exception but more elegant less extravagant. As the theme of this ball is set to be a white fairy tale love ball, these celebrities have to follow the dress code. With all celebrities dressed as out of the fairy tales, the whole ball is fancy and glamorous, not only making a great highlight of the fashion week, but also expressing the elegant vibe of France. Now let us have a review on the dresses some of the biggest stars wear at the ball.

Anne Hathaway dresses in a purely white bosom gown decorated simply on the trim with sequins. With no other exaggerated decorative accessories but just a simple floral tiara on head, Annie looks like as graceful as the Snow White from a fairy tale with her perfectly charming look, stunning all people present. 

Though after all these years’ appearances at countless various fashion weeks, Olivia Palermo may sometimes look tired, still, she can be the fabulous queen if she truly wants to. With an extremely chic horse haired bag on hand, Olivia looks as elegant as a European goddess in the silver sling long gown, paired with large shiny silver necklace as a bonus decoration. Her whole look seems all fresh and charming which makes you can never stare at her enough. 

Super model Natalia Vodianova wears a red gown, looking as ravishing as ever. Though the red gown may totally cover her beautiful body line, but her delicate makeup coupled with her pretty face, plus her long blonde hair and a tiny silver tiara on head, makes her look like a perky and innocent little girl just out to pick some flowers. 

Emma Watson’s stylist Caroline Sieber proves that she totally has the ability to steal the spotlight from some hottest stars. Wearing a perspective shirt matched with high waist shorts, her great body line is totally brought out. And the cute little ball-like purse in her hand paired with the simple strap shoes make her look both sweet and sexy.

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