Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Most Popular Candy Colored Shoes Decorate Your Summer Dream

Candy colors are always popular in summer with their refreshingly bright look that will improve your mood affected by summer heat substantially. Whether in bright red, light pink, smart orange, gentle aqua blue or fresh green, these candy colors will definitely brighten up your summer. Everywhere you go, you can find these mood boosters in dresses, shorts and summer sandals. Here we present you some selected models of summer sandals incorporating the bright candy colors for you to choose one pair for yourself that will help decorate your summer dream more beautifully.

This model of pink flip-flops with extremely cute tiny bows on the V-shaped straps delivers the romantic vibe as sweet as a young girl’s love feelings. The little bows are not only cute in girlish light pink contrasted with bright pink of the soles but also offer an extravagant look with the shiny diamonds inlaid on those bows, allowing this pair of sandals attract great attention from around with its glittery and dazzling look in the sun that easily catch people’s eyes. You can match this model of high heels with whether a dress or chic shorts, it will help you win the heart of your loved one on your date. 

This pair of patent leather flats in bright red is totally chic with the currently most fashionable elements in a great variety, including the sleek and shiny patent leather material as well as the wooden bottoms of the soles, which show the rustic style in a natural way. Besides, the flats design is convenient and easy to wear and will offer a more comfortable experience for you to walk in them. The bright red is the warm color of love, bringing out the romantic vibe out of the flats.

This pair of two-tone flats is perhaps many intellectual girls’ favorite type based on the classic but chic model of two tones of color in light jean blue and white, which match perfectly in delivering the most ladylike look and can make you seem like an extremely adorable little princess or the girl-next-door type. This elegant bow coupled with the tiny round toe as well as flat heels make a most elegant style of the womens shoes. And this pair of flats is extremely delicate in every detail that even on the soles inside the womens shoes, cute little red dots are still great highlights that add more sweetness to the whole look.

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