Thursday, August 4, 2011

The Temptation of Elegance from Ballin Burlesque High Heels

Ballin 2011 Spring Burlesque Series of high heels are inspired by the musical of Burlesque starred by Christina Aguilera. In the musical, Christina Aguilera offers a great number of sexy song and dance performances. So it is perfectly understandable that this series inspired by the musical are very sexy with graceful charm. Besides, the Italian brand Ballin has always been dedicated to creating the most graceful shoes ever available since its launch and this tradition has been passed down through ages. So we can say that this series of Ballin Burlesque high heels are both sexy and elegant. In other words, this series offers you the temptation of elegance that you cannot resist.

This model can easily remind people of the autumn vibe, with the light yellow pasted flowers on the lace insteps, it is more likely the fallen leaves stuck onto the wet ground after an autumn rain. The whole shoe body is extremely slender with thin straps and thin heels, striking people with a lonely impression that make you cannot help but put them on to feel the soul dancing in them. Wearing them, you may feel like you are the lead actress in the musical and you can dance most gracefully while being completely enigmatically sexy. All of these thought will finally make you realize that you simply cannot resist this kind of elegant temptation. 

This model is all made of black see-through lace, offering an extremely mysterious sexiness. But the metal buckle adds a tinge of fun into the whole look, making the whole look not only just sexily alluring but also somehow adorably fun. The flower pattern on the see-through lace mesh may remind you of the most exquisite Chinese ancient screen, which makes the whole look of this model a perfect combination of western mysteriousness and eastern gentleness. 

This model strikes you with the impression of a great dancer who is extremely slimmer and her delicate dance movements make every gesture of hers so graceful as if she is dancing a soul dancing. The shoes perfectly combine the low-key trait and the extravagant vibe together. The flowing figure of the this pair of high heels is so smooth that it seems to present you the most graceful dance show ever performed and this dance will never, ever end as long as you have the shoes are.

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