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The Most Popular Candy Colored Shoes Decorate Your Summer Dream

Candy colors are always popular in summer with their refreshingly bright look that will improve your mood affected by summer heat substantially. Whether in bright red, light pink, smart orange, gentle aqua blue or fresh green, these candy colors will definitely brighten up your summer. Everywhere you go, you can find these mood boosters in dresses, shorts and summer sandals. Here we present you some selected models of summer sandals incorporating the bright candy colors for you to choose one pair for yourself that will help decorate your summer dream more beautifully.

This model of pink flip-flops with extremely cute tiny bows on the V-shaped straps delivers the romantic vibe as sweet as a young girl’s love feelings. The little bows are not only cute in girlish light pink contrasted with bright pink of the soles but also offer an extravagant look with the shiny diamonds inlaid on those bows, allowing this pair of sandals attract great attention from around with its glittery and dazzling look in the sun that easily catch people’s eyes. You can match this model of high heels with whether a dress or chic shorts, it will help you win the heart of your loved one on your date. 

This pair of patent leather flats in bright red is totally chic with the currently most fashionable elements in a great variety, including the sleek and shiny patent leather material as well as the wooden bottoms of the soles, which show the rustic style in a natural way. Besides, the flats design is convenient and easy to wear and will offer a more comfortable experience for you to walk in them. The bright red is the warm color of love, bringing out the romantic vibe out of the flats.

This pair of two-tone flats is perhaps many intellectual girls’ favorite type based on the classic but chic model of two tones of color in light jean blue and white, which match perfectly in delivering the most ladylike look and can make you seem like an extremely adorable little princess or the girl-next-door type. This elegant bow coupled with the tiny round toe as well as flat heels make a most elegant style of the womens shoes. And this pair of flats is extremely delicate in every detail that even on the soles inside the womens shoes, cute little red dots are still great highlights that add more sweetness to the whole look.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Adorable Candy-Colored Shoes in Cute Korean Style

Though summer may seem the most suitable season for candy-colored womens shoes that are totally adorable, they still do great in autumn, especially when it comes to brighten up the bleak autumn and to boot your mood. Using many bold chic elements, these sweet womens shoes in candy colors can have magical influence over the otherwise bleak autumn by coloring the whole image of autumn. We have prepared some styles originated from Korea and have been welcomed around the world by girls and hope you will have your favorite model chosen among them.

This model of pointy flats is absolutely adorable in a delicate way. With the super sweet bow designed in fruit patterns of cherries, the flats deliver fashionable style in total sweetness. And the decoration of shiny diamonds placed in the middle of the bow brings a tinge of extravagant style to the whole look of the flats. Plus, the cute pink color of the shoe body goes perfectly with the cherry red of the bow, making you look all sweet with whatever you decide to match the flats. 

This model is designed with super high waterproof bottoms and extremely thin heels to jointly create a modern look in complete style with the soft material of the insteps as well as the sleek patent leather of soles and high heels. The biggest highlight of this model is the decorations of rivets on the wide ankle straps, offering a neutral style that is totally cool and independently distinctive. The black color makes this model a go-with-all type of high heels that matches with everything well, sparing you the matching troubles. 

This pair of high heels is made of delicate frosted material, showing the chic and simple style in every detail of the womens shoes. At the ankle part of the high heels, the designer uses the most stylish flower-shaped metal fringes as decorations, reflecting the ladylike temperament of you in a fashion that is sweet as well as graceful. The pointy design makes this pair of high heels look longer in visual effects and therefore creating a sexier look for people. 

This model of womens shoes is designed with perfect decorations that are all shiny in smooth luster. With the flower clustered shape and the pure color design, this pair of flats can reveal the young and funky side if you while bringing you the complete comfort with the flat high heels as well as deliver your easy-going and sweet temperament to people around you.

The Most Popular Japanese-Styled Autumn Shoes

At the transitioning period between hot summer and cool autumn, many girls have to kiss goodbye with their bright-colored cute womens shoes and embrace the dark-colored autumn womens shoes which are never cuter than summer womens shoes. Though summer womens shoes are always in better looking than autumn womens shoes, you can still pick out some pair of sweet autumn womens shoes that fit your style perfectly – here we present you some gorgeous autumn womens shoes that Japanese girls like most and hope you will find one model suits you.

Though loved by Japanese girls, this model is actually designed based on a British classic look of retro-styled Oxford plats with delicately carved patterns in the surface of the shoes. In addition, the classic suture line stitched around the whole shoe body coupled with the tiny round shoe set design presents a look that will give you visual shock with elegant charm. 

This model of high heels is designed in chic hallowed-out patterns in the surface of the insteps, bringing out the style that is both royally elegant and stylishly modern in perfect combination. And the whole look of the high heels offer people an image of gentle and sweet lady in the best feminine style. 

This model of leather flats with canvas insteps and leather laces designed in wide shapes is among the most popular models that girls love best because it is highly practical and can wear for a considerably long time against all kinds of corrosions caused by bad weather or long-time wearing. And the soft material of leather helps bring out the sweet and girlish temperament out of you in a completely warm way. 

This pair of short boots is super cute in its look with soft-looking leather wrapping the whole boots. The adorably heavy look of the boots may remind people of rain boots. The sleek and shiny leather grants a glamorous luster to this model of boots. In addition, the chic rivets designed specially on the leather straps add a tinge of unique style in a neutral fashion that is most welcomed by girls in autumn. 

Fringe is always an essentially stylish element in autumn. This pair of short fringe boots decorated with shells lined around your ankle is very sweet in its look. Without the shells, this model may appear too ordinary. But the colorful shell design makes the whole boots look cute and fun because every step you take, you will feel these shells dangling around your ankles.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Most Photogenic and Stylish Couples in Hollywood

As star couples surrounded by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, every appearance of them will catch a lot of eyes and great media attention. Now let’s take a look at some most photogenic and stylish couples in Hollywood and you may learn some dressing and matching tips in order to make you and your boyfriend become the most stylish couple among your little circle.

As the forever enigmatically sexy and rebelliously savvy pirate captain, Johnny Depp captured many girls’ hearts around the world. Though never seriously emotionally attached to any girl in the movie, in reality, Johnny Depp is certainly a perfect gentleman who always dresses in the matching style with his girl Vanessa Paradis, both looking sexy and chic that making their supporters infatuate with hopelessly. 

The four-times parents of the Beckham couple has always been the model couple in the entertainment business and their fashionable style has made them a shoo-in for this list. Whether attending grand ceremonies or private parties, the couple always go in perfectly matching styles that make both of them look chic and stylish in their unique way. Separately, they are respectively the sexy daddy and hottest mummy in the whole world; together they are invincible star couple that even the low-profile Depp couple can hardly catch up with. 

Speaking of the fashion couple in Hollywood, you can never miss Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. This dazzling green gown that trails onto the ground makes her look like a green goddess Jolie while Pitt presents a total star look with chic big sunglasses as well as simply tailored and neatly designed black suit, making them the perfect match for each other. 

Though not totally compatible in stature, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise still make a cute couple as long as Katie Holmes keeps following her dress code of wearing only flats when they show up together. And their great relationship has made up much to this tiny disadvantage of the stature difference.

For British supermodel Kate Moss and her newly wedded husband Jamie Hince, every street shot of them together will wow people with Kate’s outstanding and awe-inspiring style that amazes everyone in its own unique style, making many girls follow the lead of Kate. However, Kate’s overpowering style may sometimes over shines her husband’s in a way that not go perfectly as a couple.

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The Amazing Growing History of Hollywood Child Stars

Today, most child stars come from the entertainment business. Among them, most become famous when they are still children generally for their outstanding performance in the movies or drama series and therefore have been remembered by people and thus become stars. Now let’s take a look into the past and present look of these child stars and see how they grow up through all these years of fame.

At 14, Vanessa Paradis became well known around the world for a perky French song Joe le Taxi and officially became a child star ranked among those little famed celebrities. 

Today’s Vanessa Paradis has already turned into a successful musician. Meanwhile, her outstanding achievements have also made her a fabulous model and a marvelous actress. Plus, the love relationship between her and the top Hollywood hottie Johnny Depp is really going well carried a lot of blessings. 

In 1987, the broadcasting of a family comedy drama series made Olsen sisters become well known and most welcomed everywhere. At 4, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen became famous for their performance in the drama holiday home. At 6, the little sisters launched their debut album, Brother for Sale and were recognized by their rapidly growing fan base. 

Now, Olsen Sisters have become the frequent guests for many fashion activities and have launched their own luxury brands of The Row as well as Elizabeth and James. Meanwhile, they boast another series of Olsenboye for JC Penney. They have also developed their own dressing styles with retro bags, extravagant accessories and large sized sunglasses in a mostly mixed and matched fashion. 

Emma Watson was known by people initially as one child star of the trio from Harry Potter and had been mistaken by many people as just the freckled and round-faced goody two-womens shoes Hermione out of the film. 

Nowadays, Emma Watson has become one of most eye-catching stars on the red carpet in her own style. As the model for Burberry, the cover girl for Vogue, the fashion designer for both Ferretti and People Tree as well as the new spokesperson for the perfume of Lancôme's Trésor, Emma is now one of the hottest stars in the whole entertainment circle. 

At 14, Keira Knightley’s made a stunningly successful debut in her first performance in the first Star Wars. 

Today’s Keira Knightley is the glamorous spokesperson for Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle perfume, boasting her own great and unique style on the red carpet as a faithful fan of brands such as Chanel, Erdem, Valentino, Gucci and Rodarte.

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The Best Models of Shoes You Cannot Miss in Natural Style for This Autumn

With autumn around the corner, natural style has announced its comeback by showing itself from clothes to bags and womens shoes. The popular elements of flower patterns in design, wooden soles and heels, denim materials and woven fashion all reflect this theme of autumn and have been used by many designers of the big brands. The natural style of womens shoes can express the desire and wishes of people in modern cities to go back in the countryside to enjoy the rustic nature in its purest state. Besides, the nude color, exquisite lace and all-time classic plats will also go greatly with the natural styled womens shoes for this season. Here we present you some best models of womens shoes in natural style that you cannot miss for your fashion stock in this autumn.

This pair of strap wedges from Tory Burch is in a totally rustic style with the woven wedged heels and soles in their original color coupled with the leather straps in their original leather color of brown, delivering a nostalgic feeling that totally fits autumn. You can match this pair of wedges with a pair of dress in bright colors and a matching bag in the same color with chic fringe, showing out your stylish look in a completely rustic and natural way that will definitely catch many eyes without even trying. 

This model of woven styled flats is also from Tory Burch. Designed in a simple but totally adorable look with canvas insteps in dark blue and white stripes painted with red round patterns on the toe, presenting a neutral style that is perky and cute. In addition, the woven sole design is completely perfect for an autumn evening walk after supper or a trip to the countryside in the weekend. You can dress in a striped shirt and shorts to echo with the flats in the most compatible style. 

This model of leather flats from the brand of Bottega Veneta may appear as just an ordinary pair of leather flats. But by taking a closer look, you will find that the pattern on the toes is designed in a most complicated fashion with diamonds on the insteps and lace lines around the toe lines in a style that resembles much a woven method. Besides, this pair of flats is in the most popular neutral style of autumn, helping bringing out the confident you in a low-key way.

Stylish Peep Toe Shoes Bring out Your Sexy Side in This Summer

With the chic and cute look, peep toe has been a great design for this summer, which is totally popular and has been used in many types of womens shoes. Whether in high heels, wedge shoes or platform shoe, the stylish peep toe can be seen in a great number of fashionable womens shoes because they can help create a sexy look for you. Have you got a pair of peep toe womens shoes that you love this summer? If not, here are some options that you may like.

This pair of peep toe high heels in bright color combination of pink and lemon yellow is absolutely adorable. The checkered pattern forming an invisible bow on the instep coupled with the peep toe design, delivering you a look that is both cute and chic. And the heart-shaped pattern on the soles can win girls’ hearts easily with the complete sweetness they show.

The color of white and aqua blue is another classic color combination suit for summer season in addition to the bright candy colors, striving people with an impression of cool sea breeze, which is totally refreshing in the hot summer. This pair of white and blue peep toe high heels is both elegant and cool. The simple line designs on the instep can show your confidence best as a modern lady. Plus, the cute bow on the side of the toe is really attractive for girls, delivering the sweetest style of this summer. The whole look of this pair of peep toe womens shoes boasts gorgeous sexiness and adorable cuteness at the same time in a totally stylish way. 

The collaged pattern design with large white dots on the black insteps is very chic in an adorable way. The peep toe design makes a funny combination with the bow design over the toe. The bow in this pair of high heels is not like the traditional type resembling a butterfly but more like a dragonfly who opens its big eyes while perching on the toe waiting for its next meal silently. Theses delicately made details make the whole look of the high-heeled womens shoes so cute that you may never let them go once you touch them. 

This pair of exquisite peep toe wedge shoes in elegant beige color resembles the delicate ballerina womens shoes a lot and it can ensure you of your best look as a gentle lady. With the large white cute bow on the inside of the high heels, this pair of high heels can show girls’ soft feminine side perfectly.

Go Wild in This Autumn with Animal Designs Partying on Your High Heels

Though we can never know for sure it is when since the animal designs first appear on womens shoes, what we know for sure is that since its appearance, the designs inspired from animals have always been listed among the most stylish and fashionable elements on womens shoes – whether animal skin patterns, animal shape patterns or feathers. These chic elements that are inspired from animals can go perfectly with high heels, adding the original sexiness with a tinge of wildness. For this autumn around the corner, let’s have a wild party with all the animals on our high heels and enjoy ourselves in this wild autumn.

This pair of high heels is designed to resemble the pattern of skin of snakes on the insteps while painting shiny and sleek flower patterns under the patterns. The bright florescent colors of the patent leather makes this pair of high heels reflect a lifelike style that is totally funky for autumn and will help get rid of the bleak feeling of autumn by brighten up people’s mood. 

This model of womens shoes may remind of pattern on dotted dogs and cows. The black and white color is always classic and super easy to match with clothes. The waterproof soles combined with slim high heels are very chic and popular currently. And the shoe laces at the front of the womens shoes make the high heels look more stylish in a modern way. And the skin-resembled look strikes people with an impression that this pair of high heels is definitely warm. 

This model of high heels is super cute in its way of reminding you of adorable hedgehogs. The fluffy design of fur around the toe part of the high heels makes sure that you won’t feel cols in the autumn and can even wear them in winter while strikes a contrast with the thin high heels made in patent leather, which is hard and cold against the soft and warm feeling of the fur ball at the top part of the toe. Besides, the both colors are very classic and easy to match with. 

This pair of peep-toe high heels decorated with feather is totally chic with a all-time classic two-tone style. The patterns carved in the surface of the high heels are also shaped in snake skins. While the feather at the top of the high heels soften and warm the whole cold and hard look of high heels that will benefit you a lot in autumn.

Friday, August 19, 2011

British Royal Wedding Again, Equestrian Princess Get Married

On July 30, local time, British Princess Zara Philips and her fiancé Mike Tindall held their wedding a church in Edinburgh, Scotland. This is the second British royal wedding in 2011. Though compared with the grand century wedding of Prince William and Princess Kate, the Princess Zara chose a low-key wedding ceremony; the attendance of the whole British royal family still suggests the importance of this princess in the British royal family.

Princess Zara Phillips is the daughter of Princess Anne, who is the eldest daughter of Queen Elizabeth’s. Princess Anne and her husband Mark Phillips, who is also a world-class rider have always hoped to offer their daughter a life away from the limitations of the royal family and disturbance from the public since the very beginning, so they decide not to give their daughter the title of princess. But whether or not to be called Princess, Zara Philips inherits great equestrian talents from her parents and outshines them as an excellent rider. 

On the wedding day, Princess Zara Phillips picked out a silk wedding gown in ivory white designed by Stewart Parvin and wore a white veil trailing to the ground. The bride crown she wore that day was lent to her from her mother the Princess Anne and the wedding shoes were a pair of Jimmy Choo. 

Princess Zara Phillips won the gold medal as both individual and a member of her team in the 2005 European Equestrian Championships and won a silver medal as both individual and a member of her team in the 2006 FEI World Equestrian Games. Zara would have been come to Beijing to attend the 2008 Beijing Olympics, but because her horse Toytown was injured, she had to withdraw from the British Olympic equestrian team. 

The groom Mike Tindall is 32 years old and a British rugby star. He met the Princess Zara Philips, who he regards as only a world top equestrian athlete in 2003 and fell in love with each other. 

It is reported that Princess Zara Philips will keep her maiden name rather than using Tindall after marriage,. But the reason is simply that as a famous equestrian athlete, the name of Zara Phillips has been widely known by the world. 

The whole British royal family showed up on the wedding ceremony that day, including Prince William, Princess Kate, Prince Harry, Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice and many other royal families members. In addition, the wedding invited a total of about 300 guests.

The Matched Couples in Matched Styles

Do you feel that many star couples look like each other? The reason is perhaps not exactly about their looks but their similar styles, which are developed through long-time being together with each other. Over the growing of their relationship, they can become highly compatible in whether colors or styles.

The sweet angel Miranda Kerr and elf prince Orlando Bloom make a perfect match for both of them boast gorgeous looks that will disappoint people with whatever they put on. Kerr chooses a bright orange little dress to match with the all black suit of her husband’s. The funky and perky style of Kerr matches in a perfect way with the calm and gentle style. Both make perfect match with each other. 

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore both dress in leisure styles. Ashton looks handsome and hot in a white and black plaid shirt covered by a simple designed suit coupled with a pair of jeans while Demi dresses a little bit old-fashioned with white blouse and black suit pants. But standing along with the husband 16 years younger than her, Demi Moore has made her best in not trying too hard to look younger. 

Though they have are not been married yet, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie dress as if they have already done. At official events, men’s choices are basically limited to black, white and grey. But as the world’s hottest man, Brad Pitt dresses up smartly in a pair of black leather pants, looking both handsome and chic as well as going perfectly with Jolie’s satin black dress. 

Heidi Klum and Seal’s six-year happy marriage with adorable kids in the full house have proved again the success of match between different races. Seal’s bright lemon yellow womens shoes echo his wife’s light coffee short skirt while Heidi uses a black clutch bag to go with her husband’s suit in the same color. 

Being respectively a sexy beauty and a handsome hottie, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green look as if walking from a film scene and they both choose a minimalist outfit in simple color while making both of their womens shoes the eye-catching highlights – Megan steps on a leopard patterned Christian Louboutin high heels while Brian wears a pair of leisure womens shoes in classic white and black. 

As the model couple in the entertainment business, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may not look best separately but together they bring out the best side in each other with consistent black showing their low-key but elegant fashion styles.

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Country Singer Taylor Swift’s Fashionable Dress Code

In the recently held Teen Choice Awards 2011, the famous country singer Taylor Swift won five awards under the music category, becoming the biggest winner that night. This music industry’s new favorite is not only young and beautiful but also boasts charming sound and great music talents. In addition, Taylor Swift is also a fashionable girl with great tastes – wherever she goes, she shows a refreshingly rustic style that is as sweet as her songs. Now let’s have a look at some Taylor’s fashion looks. If you are a fan of her music, you might also become a fan of her chic style.

At the 2011 Billboard Music Awards, Taylor Swift wore a silver and nude colored tube gown from Elie Saab, looking stunningly elegant in full grace. Her blonde curly hair loose down casually on this extravagant evening gown, making one of her most classic looks in total gentle feminine style. 

At the 2011 Alexander McQueen Charity Ball with theme of wild beauty held in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, Taylor Swift showed up on the red carpet dressing in a J. Mendel dress, matched with a pair of high heels of Christian Louboutin high heels as well as wore jewelry accessories from Lorraine Schwartz. The tightly-fitting dress in a totally natural and wild style made her look like a gorgeous forest goddess. 

On the red carpet of 2011 ACMAs, Taylor Swift chose a customized lemon yellow dress of Elie Saab, delivering her romantic temperament with the sweet bright color. And the trailing skirt of the dress is so adorable that makes her look like a cute Barbie doll. 

With black hem attached to the white lace skirt line, Taylor Swift looks all graceful in a totally ladylike look. Plus, the brown shoulder bag is in a romantically retro style as the nude-colored high heels she wore, matching perfectly with the lace dress.

Dressed in a retro floral dress with printing patterns, with a white cardigan covering on the dress and a pair of Zara bow high heels, Taylor Swift showed best the sweet look of a little lady. 

This piece of Zuhair Murad tube gown is absolutely dazzling in glamorous glitz and this one-piece tube top decorated with shiny diamonds making Taylor Swift look stunningly gorgeous and striking people with an impression of a beautiful and mysterious mermaid.

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