Saturday, August 13, 2011

Create Your Own Unique Style with the Most Avant-Garde Shoes in This Season

In the ever-changing fashion industry, no style is ensured of being in the trend forever. The only thing a designer can do in order to keep in the fashion is to design new models in more creative designs. In this way, many avant-garde shoes come into being with their featured designs that have never been seen before. Now let’s take a look at those avant-garde shoes that are manufactured newly in this season. 

This model of waterproof platform shoes wins many people’s hearts with its adorable look featured with adorable stitching leather straps that strike people with an impression of comic style as well as the feather design which reminds people of burning fire. This model offers two classic colors of both white and black to deliver the delicate elegance of women who wear this model. 

This model is also from the brand of Nicholas Kirkwood. The brand designer had won the 2008 title of Swarovski best new designer. The then 29-year-old designer Nicholas Kirkwood graduated from St. Martin and had worked for the hat master Philip Treacy with both chic designs and reliable comfort. This latest model from Nicholas Kirkwood is featured with the elegantly chic hollowed-out design and the cute beads gathered as the bottoms for the soles. Additionally, the combination of patent leather material and dark blue color create a more feminine look for the shoes. The whole graceful image of this model in a completely artistic style makes it among the most popular models among girls. 

This pair of waterproof platform low-heeled shoes may strike people with an impression that resembles very much the shape of a boat. The elegant black flower patterns covering the whole shoe body against the beige colored patent leather, creating a highly harmonious look in a graceful way. Plus, the waterproof platform bottoms make up greatly for the low heels, allowing this model to have the same effect as high heels. 

No matter what the trend is currently, a pair of high heels in bright red color is never the wrong choice for women. This model from Nicholas Kirkwood looks extremely sexy in its elegant and enigmatic look. With the chic design of super high slender heels and waterproof platforms as well as the highly creative ankle straps with a totally stylish metal buckle on and the flowing lines of the whole shoe body, this model is the perfect choice that will satisfies every woman’s every expectations for a pair of high heels.

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