Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Retro and Ethnic-Styled Flats Relieve Your Feet in Style

In the end of this summer, if you are tired of the suffering of high heels and want to find some kind of womens shoes that are perfectly comfortable. Here are some models of flat shoes we would like to recommend to you in retro and ethnic style, which will definitely keep you in perfect comfort as well as elegant style.

This model of flat shoes is exuding in ethnic style in every detail of the design with the colorful transparent cute little beads lined alongside the metallic chain, making an independently unique pair of flat shoes coupled with leather soles in the original color. The black elastic band straps are extremely comfortable to wear. The color combination of black and metallic colors makes a classic design that is extremely easy to match. You can choose some shiny nail polish to go with the pair of flat shoes, making you look really chic. In addition to the black-soled type, there is also an elegant alternative choice for you to choose in the color of beige, which will bring out your best skin color. 

The dark rose colored satin coupled with silver decorations deliver a simple but never dull style with both hard and cold as well soft and warm feelings. A large round diamond plate has become the soul of the whole shoes, which will make your white and gorgeous skin more dazzling. And the insoles are made of ancient wood in amber color full of elegant retro style in a rustically casual way. 

This model of flat shoes is full of grace with insteps strung together with purple shiny beads coupled with chic insoles and straps designed in soft and sleek satin, making a dazzling combination that will definitely catch people’s eyes and make you the focus of attention that easily stands out among a lot of people in perfect charm and elegance. 

The whole pair of flat shoes delicately uses the pattern of snakeskin to develop the uniform effects. And the light sky blue color makes a great contrast with all kinds of diamonds and gold thin chain in remarkable luster without losing any elegance at all. In addition, the arranged colorful beads will form uniform glittery in regular shapes that will brighten your skin color and make you look even more gorgeous in the extravagant shiny lights, attracting much attention for you.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ladylike Retro-Styled Sutured Bow Flats

Summer is nearly at the end and the nostalgic season of autumn is just around the corner. In this upcoming season that fits best for remembering, retro style is perhaps the most popular style that you will see everywhere, whether in clothes design or fabulous accessories to go along with. Even the womens shoes designed in this retro style are generally well received on the market. Now we present you a model of flat shoes that is in retro style, which suits the bleak and nostalgic season as well as in sweet girlish look that will show your cute side like all girls’ favorite kinds of items.

This model of flat shoes is designed in a simple but elegant style that will shows your most elegant side in perfect charm and full grace. The delicate suture of bow on the toe part of the whole shoes is lined in exquisite suture. Plus, the peep toe design is the currently most popular design that has been widely taken advantage of in many kinds of womens shoes. This model of flat shoes is made in top-quality PU leather.

With this adorable flat shoes designed in candy colors with light silver sutured bow on the toe, you can match with both shorts and skirts to dress in total style to show your ladylike style with full harm. For office ladies, a pair of casual turned-over long pants will be a great match to make you graceful as well as gentle in look.

This model of cute flat shoes designed in retro style is available in three colors including purple, blue and yellow, which will fulfill all demands of different types of girls. The yellow type will suit best for young student girls, making them look fun and high-spirited in a perky way. The purple one is so elegant that it fits best for ladies in full grace and complete charm. The blue type gives an impression that resembles casual denim, bringing out both sides of elegance and leisure lifestyle.

With this model of flat shoes that is totally cute and elegant, you will definitely go through an autumn in chic style. Whether you choose to go to school, go to work, go shopping, go take a leisure walk on the afternoon or go on a trip at the weekends, this type of flat shoes will keep you in low-key but graceful style.

Roman-Styled Ankle Strap Patent Leather Wedge Heeled Sandals Make You a Smooth Transition from Summer to Autumn

At every transition period between two seasons, to pick out a suitable pair of womens shoes that will fit the changeable weather is not an easy task. Here we present you a model of sandals in the chic roman style with looped ankle straps that will help you go through this transition period from summer to autumn smoothly in total style that fits the changeable weather between summer and autumn. 

This model of sweet roman-styled wedge heeled womens shoes is designed with elegant ankle straps in the shape of loops, which are extremely chic in style and will make your legs look slimmer as well as make your ankles seem slender. Plus, the wedged high heels have been the most popular type of high heels throughout this summer, winning every girl’s heart with both its height and its comfort. The wedged high heels can not only make sure you will look taller and more high-spirited but also make you walk in style with perfect elegant effortlessly. 

This model of roman-styled ankle strap wedge heeled sandals is made in patent leather, which grants the whole pair of womens shoes a glamorous luster that will definitely catch people’s eyes and make you the focus of attention even among a big crowd of people. The top-quality patent leather makes sure that it will not wear off easily as the ordinary leather does. Plus, the rubber made soles make sure you will walk in complete comfort in them. 

This model of roman-styled high-heeled sandals is available in three colors, including light yellow, pink in nude shade and sky blue, which are favorite colors of girls. Coupled with the patent leather, these light candy colors will deliver a luster that is both adorably sweet and dazzling shiny in chic glitz and glamour. The sky blue fits best for girls to match with a little chiffon dress in order to show the most innocent temperament of you. The light yellow will ensure that you can bring out your perky side entirely. And the pink color is close to the currently most popular nude color, which is totally girlish in all sweetness and charm. 

With this pair of Roman-styled ankle strap wedge heeled sandals on, you will definitely go through a smooth transition in perfect style as well in full elegance through late summer to autumn.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

British Stylish Lady Daphne Guinness Private Show – the Display of the Most Chic Collection

On September 16, the faithful fan Daphne Guinness of British famous and the late designer Alexander McQueen will hold her private fashion show of her collection at the Museum of FIT in New York. Now let’s take a preview and a sneak peek into some of the most beautiful collections on display. 

The super high heels are the reflection of the famous lady Daphne Guinness’s signature style. Therefore, in her collection, fashion items like such high heels are abundant. Among them, the most famous model is perhaps this pair of red sheepskin high heels from Nina Ricci – its super high eels in stylish look definitely will catch a lot of fashion women’s eyes.

In the month of September in 2010, Daphne Guinness purchased all the collection of the late fashion icon Isabella Blow from the Christie’s Auction House, including ninety jackets and skirts from Alexander McQueen, fifty hats from Philip Treacy and a large number of high heels from Manolo Blahnik. This remarkable ”feat” has allowed more people to know this British famous lady. 

As the heiress to the famous black beer family of Guinness Giunness, plus the ex-wife who had married an ex who is the Greek shipping prince Spyros Niarchos, Daphne Guinness has always been a loyal customer of Paris haute couture since many years before. 

Feathered dress, flounced lined dress, metallic high heels, multi-layered jewelry and two-tone colored hairstyle, this typical look is the impression that Daphne Guinness has left to all the people. 

At the end of the exhibition of “Savage Beauty” held in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, Alexander McQueen put on display 24 items that have never been shown to the public before at the exhibition of Daphne Guinness’s private collection in the FIT Museum of New York. 

The items that are among the range of the collection of Daphne Guinness includes items designed by all top designers at the frontline of the fashion – Alexander McQueen, Tom Ford, Dolce & Gabbana, Rick Owens, Gareth Pugh, Chanel, Dior, Givenchy, Valentino and more. 

In addition to near 100 private clothes and accessories collected by this famous lady Daphne Guinness will be on display at the Private Collection held in the FIT Museum in New York, the film and her personal photos will be put on exhibition, too. 

The Most Stylish Models of Shoes in This Summer

With this summer nearly at the end, we can take a review at some of the most stylish models of womens shoes that have been cherished by fabulous stars. Now let’s check out some of the most glamorous snapshots of stars in these most stylish models of womens shoes.

1. Platform Wedges

Platform wedges are perhaps the most popular model of womens shoes in this summer. Most of them are made in straw, flax, leather and other new material in the soles. And the wedge design makes the originally heavy platform womens shoes lighter and more flexible. The heights at the part of the toes and the high heels can relieve much pressure for beautiful girls to walk effortlessly in comfort in this summer.

Eva Mendes’ floral dress strikes people with a refreshingly romantic feeling, coupled with nude-colored platform womens shoes with strap design makes her look very appealing to everyone’s eyes in a perfectly chic style.

Claudia Schiffer made a smart choice by matching a white shirt with a denim pencil skirt, which fits perfectly in summer, leaving a refreshing impression for all people as well as bringing out her great figure. Her nude-colored wedge womens shoes echo perfectly with the whole look. 

2. Peep-Toe High-Heels

Peep-toe shoes lead the shoe fashion in this summer. The proper revealing of foot shows perfectly the sexiness and elegance of women.

Liv Tyler’s polka dotted skirt is in a retro style, coupled with red peep-toe high heels and chic sunglasses, leaving a charming impression that is both sexy and elegant. Liv Tyler knows best how to dress in a gorgeous style with the simplest dress.

Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria’s blue short suit is as stylish as Victoria and very powerful coupled with a pair of black suede peep-toe high heels, leaving people with a formal and charming style.

3. Hollowed-Out high heels 

Summer is the season where women show off their gorgeous skins best. Even the womens shoes are featured with hollowed-out designs. The sexy carved decorations in the insteps are more like pieces of art works that you can never miss in this summer.

Sophie Simmons’ bright pink-colored hollowed out high heels are the most eye-catching part of the whole look, showing off her white long legs.

Kylie Minogue’s match of a white shirt and khaki pants leaves a fresh impression and her straw woven hat decorated with feather coupled with a pair of hollowed-out shoes make a distinctive difference with ordinary people in star feeling. 


Airport Fashion Hits and Misses

Stars always look great, even after a long flight. On arriving at a new place, their first appearances at airport generally attract many people as well as media’s attention. Those who know how to dress in their own styles to show their unique personalities always have knacks for dressing in a low-key but chic fashion. Now let’s check out some airport look of some of the biggest stars and find out their fashion hits and misses. 

The spokesperson of the brand Revlon Jessica Bell showed up in the airport from Toronto in an Ann Taylor white suit over a striped shirt and black leather pants, she looked extremely stylish in a very neutral fashion. 

The new Transformer Lady Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has recently become the media focus of all. Rid of her usual dazzling look, this time, she appeared at the airport in a low-key style. Because of the cold weather, she wore a printed scarf, a pair of Yosi Samra flat womens shoes and an extravagant tote bag. The design of turned-over bottoms of the jeans reveals part of her ankles and turned the ordinary jeans in a totally chic style. 

The new angel of Thierry Mugler is the sexy goddess Eva Mendes, whose match of a printed skirt with a white coat in an exaggerated style is in the weird fashion of Mugler, making her seem to show off her identity of the spokeswoman of the brand. 

Lady Gaga didn’t go too far when showing up at the Japan Narita International Airport. Wearing a dark green leather coat, a pair of green high heels and fluorescent green hair, this lady can easily attract much attention in her bold style. 

Miranda Kerr only took three months to recover her perfect figure before giving birth. Her striped dress coupled with a black jacket made her look totally chic in her own independent fashion. Clutching a pink bag, she arrived at the Seoul Incheon International Airport, waving hello warmly to everyone. 

Jessica Simpson dressed in a complicated style with various kinds of fashion items on, including a printed silk scarf, a white jacket, a pair of washed jeans and a wide-brimmed hat. Her chic style of mix and match is full of romantic and exotic feelings. 

How can summer miss any bright red? Olivia Wilde matched her red dress with white T-shirt and a black jacket, striking people with a refreshing impression under the color contrast.

2011 Vanity Fair List of Best Dressed Celebrities

The world-renowned fashion magazine Vanity Fair recently released its 2011 best dressed celebrity list, which includes political elites such as the French First Lady Carla Lvni, two newly crowned princesses – the British Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton as well as Moroccan Princess Charlene. In addition, supermodels, financiers, business tycoons and car racers are also on the list. Just as the old saying goes, “It is not the clothes people wear that matter but the people who wear clothes.” In the entertainment business, British actress Carey Mulligan, Tilda Swinton, Oscar-winning actor Colin Firth, American hottie Armand Hammer and pop singer Justin Timberlake are also listed. In the list of trendsetters, the pop diva Lady Gaga in her unique style, popular film star Johnny Depp and his girlfriend Vanessa Paradis are included. U.S. President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle snatch the title of “best dressed couple”.

Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, this fabulous French first lady is originally a famous model and singer. Her elegant look in a totally natural fashion makes her gentle as well as genial to all people in perfect grace and charm. 

Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser, the wife of the Emir of Qatar, is also another fabulous lady in the arena of the international politics. Her style featured with Muslim feelings is well approved around the globe. 

The newly wedded Duchess of Cambridge has attracted worldwide attention with her elegant style in dressing. All kinds of dresses are Princess Kate’s favorite choice and the super dazzling sapphire ring is with her everywhere she goes. 

Andrea Dellal, this former rebellious and smoking hot supermodel has now turned into a four-time mother. Her charming style proves that old ladies can also be sexy and graceful. 

The young British actress Carey Mulligan has her own unique taste in fashion. Her sexy elegance is well delivered through her delicate match in dressing. 

Christine Lagarde, this newly promoted IMF president dominates the fashion in the finance world. Chic rivets, a black suitcase and long eardrops are remarkable make her look powerful in her own style. 

Charlene Wittstock, this royal princess of Monaco was once a great swimmer and now she has won people’s love all around the world with her marvelous elegance in style. 

Lady Gaga’s strikingly unique style has made her top the trendsetter list. Though looking weird, her style is still popular and has been imitated around the world.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Most Popular Candy Colored Shoes Decorate Your Summer Dream

Candy colors are always popular in summer with their refreshingly bright look that will improve your mood affected by summer heat substantially. Whether in bright red, light pink, smart orange, gentle aqua blue or fresh green, these candy colors will definitely brighten up your summer. Everywhere you go, you can find these mood boosters in dresses, shorts and summer sandals. Here we present you some selected models of summer sandals incorporating the bright candy colors for you to choose one pair for yourself that will help decorate your summer dream more beautifully.

This model of pink flip-flops with extremely cute tiny bows on the V-shaped straps delivers the romantic vibe as sweet as a young girl’s love feelings. The little bows are not only cute in girlish light pink contrasted with bright pink of the soles but also offer an extravagant look with the shiny diamonds inlaid on those bows, allowing this pair of sandals attract great attention from around with its glittery and dazzling look in the sun that easily catch people’s eyes. You can match this model of high heels with whether a dress or chic shorts, it will help you win the heart of your loved one on your date. 

This pair of patent leather flats in bright red is totally chic with the currently most fashionable elements in a great variety, including the sleek and shiny patent leather material as well as the wooden bottoms of the soles, which show the rustic style in a natural way. Besides, the flats design is convenient and easy to wear and will offer a more comfortable experience for you to walk in them. The bright red is the warm color of love, bringing out the romantic vibe out of the flats.

This pair of two-tone flats is perhaps many intellectual girls’ favorite type based on the classic but chic model of two tones of color in light jean blue and white, which match perfectly in delivering the most ladylike look and can make you seem like an extremely adorable little princess or the girl-next-door type. This elegant bow coupled with the tiny round toe as well as flat heels make a most elegant style of the womens shoes. And this pair of flats is extremely delicate in every detail that even on the soles inside the womens shoes, cute little red dots are still great highlights that add more sweetness to the whole look.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Adorable Candy-Colored Shoes in Cute Korean Style

Though summer may seem the most suitable season for candy-colored womens shoes that are totally adorable, they still do great in autumn, especially when it comes to brighten up the bleak autumn and to boot your mood. Using many bold chic elements, these sweet womens shoes in candy colors can have magical influence over the otherwise bleak autumn by coloring the whole image of autumn. We have prepared some styles originated from Korea and have been welcomed around the world by girls and hope you will have your favorite model chosen among them.

This model of pointy flats is absolutely adorable in a delicate way. With the super sweet bow designed in fruit patterns of cherries, the flats deliver fashionable style in total sweetness. And the decoration of shiny diamonds placed in the middle of the bow brings a tinge of extravagant style to the whole look of the flats. Plus, the cute pink color of the shoe body goes perfectly with the cherry red of the bow, making you look all sweet with whatever you decide to match the flats. 

This model is designed with super high waterproof bottoms and extremely thin heels to jointly create a modern look in complete style with the soft material of the insteps as well as the sleek patent leather of soles and high heels. The biggest highlight of this model is the decorations of rivets on the wide ankle straps, offering a neutral style that is totally cool and independently distinctive. The black color makes this model a go-with-all type of high heels that matches with everything well, sparing you the matching troubles. 

This pair of high heels is made of delicate frosted material, showing the chic and simple style in every detail of the womens shoes. At the ankle part of the high heels, the designer uses the most stylish flower-shaped metal fringes as decorations, reflecting the ladylike temperament of you in a fashion that is sweet as well as graceful. The pointy design makes this pair of high heels look longer in visual effects and therefore creating a sexier look for people. 

This model of womens shoes is designed with perfect decorations that are all shiny in smooth luster. With the flower clustered shape and the pure color design, this pair of flats can reveal the young and funky side if you while bringing you the complete comfort with the flat high heels as well as deliver your easy-going and sweet temperament to people around you.

The Most Popular Japanese-Styled Autumn Shoes

At the transitioning period between hot summer and cool autumn, many girls have to kiss goodbye with their bright-colored cute womens shoes and embrace the dark-colored autumn womens shoes which are never cuter than summer womens shoes. Though summer womens shoes are always in better looking than autumn womens shoes, you can still pick out some pair of sweet autumn womens shoes that fit your style perfectly – here we present you some gorgeous autumn womens shoes that Japanese girls like most and hope you will find one model suits you.

Though loved by Japanese girls, this model is actually designed based on a British classic look of retro-styled Oxford plats with delicately carved patterns in the surface of the shoes. In addition, the classic suture line stitched around the whole shoe body coupled with the tiny round shoe set design presents a look that will give you visual shock with elegant charm. 

This model of high heels is designed in chic hallowed-out patterns in the surface of the insteps, bringing out the style that is both royally elegant and stylishly modern in perfect combination. And the whole look of the high heels offer people an image of gentle and sweet lady in the best feminine style. 

This model of leather flats with canvas insteps and leather laces designed in wide shapes is among the most popular models that girls love best because it is highly practical and can wear for a considerably long time against all kinds of corrosions caused by bad weather or long-time wearing. And the soft material of leather helps bring out the sweet and girlish temperament out of you in a completely warm way. 

This pair of short boots is super cute in its look with soft-looking leather wrapping the whole boots. The adorably heavy look of the boots may remind people of rain boots. The sleek and shiny leather grants a glamorous luster to this model of boots. In addition, the chic rivets designed specially on the leather straps add a tinge of unique style in a neutral fashion that is most welcomed by girls in autumn. 

Fringe is always an essentially stylish element in autumn. This pair of short fringe boots decorated with shells lined around your ankle is very sweet in its look. Without the shells, this model may appear too ordinary. But the colorful shell design makes the whole boots look cute and fun because every step you take, you will feel these shells dangling around your ankles.