Tuesday, August 2, 2011

As Elegant As Adorable with Retro-Style Embroidered High Heels

The retro style has always been in the most chic style because it may remind people of some great memories and make people feel a little bit nostalgic over the things in the long lost past. When retro style meets embroideries, you may find you completely lost on the jog down your memory lane. If you ever demand to meet some past you cannot let go, you may find the following models extremely helpful.

This model is designed to be an elegant pair of high heels in absolutely chic retro-style with embroideries on it. The multiple-colored embroidered peonies are both romantically elegant and sweetly adorable, exuding the easy-goingness that no one can resist. Whatever type of office ladies’ suits you match this model with; they will always look totally elegant and stylish.

Classic dark green is always a most chic color that will go with anything in any color well. This model is specially designed with convenient ankle straps to better pull your leg lines to be more slender. Plus, the adjustable ankle strap design grants you an alternative option between being a mature and confident office lady or an innocent and sweet neighbor girl. It will always fit whether you are already at work or still go to school. 

This most adorable model designed in sweet candy colors of light pink and light yellow will make you look like a completely cute princess that is totally worry-free. The chic and innovative shoelace design on this model adds more fun and makes it fit any girl. Its high heels coupled with peep toe design are the most chic style in current fashion. Besides, this model is super easy for matching; you can dress with a tube top or puff skirt to go with it. But of course, the adorable model is never too adorable if added with more adorable clothes. 

This model offers a great bright orange color which will definitely improve your mood considerably. Plus the most stylish single shoe lace design, the most chic elements of high heels and peep toe as well as the whole look that is both elegant and cute. The metallic design of buckle over the peep-toe design is absolutely chic in a completely adorable way.

If you have spotted the one you find perfectly for you, don’t wait around still, just go grab it and try it on, you will find yourself be perfectly as elegant as adorable.

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