Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Amazing Growing History of Hollywood Child Stars

Today, most child stars come from the entertainment business. Among them, most become famous when they are still children generally for their outstanding performance in the movies or drama series and therefore have been remembered by people and thus become stars. Now let’s take a look into the past and present look of these child stars and see how they grow up through all these years of fame.

At 14, Vanessa Paradis became well known around the world for a perky French song Joe le Taxi and officially became a child star ranked among those little famed celebrities. 

Today’s Vanessa Paradis has already turned into a successful musician. Meanwhile, her outstanding achievements have also made her a fabulous model and a marvelous actress. Plus, the love relationship between her and the top Hollywood hottie Johnny Depp is really going well carried a lot of blessings. 

In 1987, the broadcasting of a family comedy drama series made Olsen sisters become well known and most welcomed everywhere. At 4, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen became famous for their performance in the drama holiday home. At 6, the little sisters launched their debut album, Brother for Sale and were recognized by their rapidly growing fan base. 

Now, Olsen Sisters have become the frequent guests for many fashion activities and have launched their own luxury brands of The Row as well as Elizabeth and James. Meanwhile, they boast another series of Olsenboye for JC Penney. They have also developed their own dressing styles with retro bags, extravagant accessories and large sized sunglasses in a mostly mixed and matched fashion. 

Emma Watson was known by people initially as one child star of the trio from Harry Potter and had been mistaken by many people as just the freckled and round-faced goody two-womens shoes Hermione out of the film. 

Nowadays, Emma Watson has become one of most eye-catching stars on the red carpet in her own style. As the model for Burberry, the cover girl for Vogue, the fashion designer for both Ferretti and People Tree as well as the new spokesperson for the perfume of Lancôme's Trésor, Emma is now one of the hottest stars in the whole entertainment circle. 

At 14, Keira Knightley’s made a stunningly successful debut in her first performance in the first Star Wars. 

Today’s Keira Knightley is the glamorous spokesperson for Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle perfume, boasting her own great and unique style on the red carpet as a faithful fan of brands such as Chanel, Erdem, Valentino, Gucci and Rodarte.

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