Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Most Photogenic and Stylish Couples in Hollywood

As star couples surrounded by the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, every appearance of them will catch a lot of eyes and great media attention. Now let’s take a look at some most photogenic and stylish couples in Hollywood and you may learn some dressing and matching tips in order to make you and your boyfriend become the most stylish couple among your little circle.

As the forever enigmatically sexy and rebelliously savvy pirate captain, Johnny Depp captured many girls’ hearts around the world. Though never seriously emotionally attached to any girl in the movie, in reality, Johnny Depp is certainly a perfect gentleman who always dresses in the matching style with his girl Vanessa Paradis, both looking sexy and chic that making their supporters infatuate with hopelessly. 

The four-times parents of the Beckham couple has always been the model couple in the entertainment business and their fashionable style has made them a shoo-in for this list. Whether attending grand ceremonies or private parties, the couple always go in perfectly matching styles that make both of them look chic and stylish in their unique way. Separately, they are respectively the sexy daddy and hottest mummy in the whole world; together they are invincible star couple that even the low-profile Depp couple can hardly catch up with. 

Speaking of the fashion couple in Hollywood, you can never miss Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. This dazzling green gown that trails onto the ground makes her look like a green goddess Jolie while Pitt presents a total star look with chic big sunglasses as well as simply tailored and neatly designed black suit, making them the perfect match for each other. 

Though not totally compatible in stature, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise still make a cute couple as long as Katie Holmes keeps following her dress code of wearing only flats when they show up together. And their great relationship has made up much to this tiny disadvantage of the stature difference.

For British supermodel Kate Moss and her newly wedded husband Jamie Hince, every street shot of them together will wow people with Kate’s outstanding and awe-inspiring style that amazes everyone in its own unique style, making many girls follow the lead of Kate. However, Kate’s overpowering style may sometimes over shines her husband’s in a way that not go perfectly as a couple.

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