Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Check out the Hollywood Star Designers

With their great celebrity appeal in the fashion industry, many stars have now no longer satisfied with just being the fashion icons to show their style by the means of designers’ brands. For some of them, instead of dressing others’ clothes to show their styles, they prefer to try to design their own styles directly and some even have their own brand and successfully ascend into the rank of fabulous fashion designers. Among these star designers, some have to purchase their own works while some have made a hit with their designs. Now let’s check out these Hollywood star designers with their unique designs.

Victoria Beckham is undoubtedly the most successful star designer who has made a great ascendance into the circle of fashion designing, attracting many stars to become her faithful fans such as Olivia Palermo, Jennifer Hudson and Heidi Klum. In addition to her and her husband’s high popularity in the entertainment business, her unique maverick style in her daily look has also made great influence on her success of her own designs. Her brand is totally in a “Victoria Beckham” style that completely follows her own dress code. 

Gwen Stefani launched her own brand of “L.A.M.B.” in 2004, which represents four of her favorite words of respectively Love, Angel, Music and Baby. L.A.M.B. series consists of printed cute flowers, hard-rock styled look, hot chick and PUNK chains, which also represent the spirit of origination of Gwen Stefani. She even launched a second series of Harajuku Lovers after the top-class brand of L.A.M.B.

Whitney Port has always had a great interest in fashion and has once been an intern with her friend Lauren Conrad in the magazine of Teen Vogue. In 2008, she founded the brand of “Whitney Eve”, which is accessible at Nordstrom’s, Barneys and Kitson. 

The Olsen sisters have been in the fashion industry for a considerably long time with their two brands “The Row” and “Elizabeth and James”. The biggest feature of The Row is that they are made of single product tailored delicately mixed with never-out-of-mode unique design and quality texture. Therefore, The Row has been very popular among young American teenagers. As for their other line of Elizabeth and James, this brand breaks the boundaries between men’s clothes and women’s clothes, between modern and retro styles, between Uptown and Downtown as well as between high-end design and street fashion looks, offering the most chic and modern living style suit best for young people. 

Twenty8Twelve was established by the British actress Sienna Miller along with her sister Savannah Miller. The brand of Twenty8Twelve has the dressing style of Sienna Miller and the products from the brand can be purchased at both websites of Shopping and Net-a-Porter. 

Jessica Simpson Collection was launched in 2004 with a series of her own brand of clothes, womens shoes and accessories. Jessica Simpson has led her whole designing team with her great fashion taste, creating a series of fashion products in simple but sexy designs.

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