Thursday, August 4, 2011

Walking in Flowers with Valentino High Heels “Garden Party”

Have you ever considered how beautiful it would be if every step you take leaves a flower blossom behind? Now you may experience this wonderful feeling with Valentino 11 spring and summer “Garden Party” series. It can allow you walk in flowers with every step you take. This series of Garden Party does not only offer you beautiful high heels to wear but also provide you with a great artistic visual feast to your eyes. Now let’s present you some models of this series with which you may fall in love.

This model of print bow high-heeled sandals is designed with three-dimensional bow decorations. Its lacquer leather offers the green image of a British royal garden with the romantic and elegant pink as tender as girls’ feelings. Its simple color coupled with extremely dreamy prints makes this model a romantic and elegant one that no girl can ever resist. 

This beautiful and graceful model is designed with silk insteps decorated with ink painting prints available, releasing the most artistic and the most intellectual temperament of women. Thus, this model can be the apple in every aesthete’s eyes. This model makes the perfect gifts for Chinese ladies who are passionate about the ancient Chinese paintings. Sometimes you may feel like watching this model all afternoon just as if you are appreciating a most wonderful painting that has passed down through ages and you find yourself totally lost in this great meditation. 

This model is designed in totally chic roman style with the never out-of-the-fashion strap design, which grants the model a simple, elegant and confident look. But the cluster of multi-layered flowers seems so lifelike that you think that they may actually attract butterflies to stop on your foot. This classic roman-style model offers the best combination of nature and man’s work in a completely compatible way. 

This model of light pink lacquer leather high heels can make the perfect choice for commuting office ladies with its elegant and confident look granted by the shiny lacquer leather, which is also more resistant than simply just leather. Plus, the multiple layers of flowers blossom into a bow design adds romance to the whole look of the high heels, buffering its condescending feeling caused by the high heels and can help you increase your charm, especially the charm with boys by bringing out more romantic sentiments out of you.

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