Monday, August 1, 2011

YEWN Becomes the First Chinese Contemporary Jewelry Worn by the First Lady

American first lady Michelle Obama’s dressing has always been a world fashion focus. Her unique fashion taste is deeply appreciated by the media and her citizens. Late last month, the first lady hosted a dinner for Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip at the official residence for American ambassadors in Britain. That night, Mrs. Obama wears YEWN emerald diamond ring in pattern of Chinese auspicious window grille, accompanying President Obama, went to the gate to welcome the Queen and the Prince.

The founder and creative director of YEWN Dickson Yewn is very proud that YEWN becomes the first Chinese contemporary jewelry worn by the first lady. YEWN is designed with the purpose to show the charm of women based on Chinese culture as well as to create jewelry from contemporary Chinese people’s angle so as to pass the unique heritage of Chinese culture in jewelry design. YEWN uses jewelry design to spread traditional Chinese culture by the world's most famous woman. Dickson Yewn is the other Chinese fashion designer that has been appreciated by the first lady after Jason Wu.

In addition, 50 dignitaries and celebrities including British Prime Minister David Cameron and this year’s Oscar winner for best actor Colin Firth from The King’s Speech, British football star David Beckham, Hollywood actor Tom Hanks and JK Rowling, the author of series novel Harry Potter are invited to attend the dinner. During the dinner, the emerald diamond ring in pattern of Chinese auspicious window grille gets a lot of attention. Because first lady Obama is always under the fashion lime spot, selecting this square ring full of Chinese flavor on her finger can perfectly show what Yewn wants to express in his design. The guests are all astonished by the way Yewn turns the traditional Chinese architectural art into this decorative art that can be worn. 

YEWN new window plus flower series is based on YEWN’s most representative style of Chinese culture. This series combines the architectural aesthetics of people and heaven and set the garden landscape and other natural scenery into jewelry design. Via this series, people have the opportunity to see Chinese garden sceneries abundant in their elaborate and delicate vibe in wearable jewelry.

YEWN is currently the only jewelry brand which creates jewelry based on Chinese culture and art on the frontline of the luxury retail market.

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