Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Go Wild in This Autumn with Animal Designs Partying on Your High Heels

Though we can never know for sure it is when since the animal designs first appear on womens shoes, what we know for sure is that since its appearance, the designs inspired from animals have always been listed among the most stylish and fashionable elements on womens shoes – whether animal skin patterns, animal shape patterns or feathers. These chic elements that are inspired from animals can go perfectly with high heels, adding the original sexiness with a tinge of wildness. For this autumn around the corner, let’s have a wild party with all the animals on our high heels and enjoy ourselves in this wild autumn.

This pair of high heels is designed to resemble the pattern of skin of snakes on the insteps while painting shiny and sleek flower patterns under the patterns. The bright florescent colors of the patent leather makes this pair of high heels reflect a lifelike style that is totally funky for autumn and will help get rid of the bleak feeling of autumn by brighten up people’s mood. 

This model of womens shoes may remind of pattern on dotted dogs and cows. The black and white color is always classic and super easy to match with clothes. The waterproof soles combined with slim high heels are very chic and popular currently. And the shoe laces at the front of the womens shoes make the high heels look more stylish in a modern way. And the skin-resembled look strikes people with an impression that this pair of high heels is definitely warm. 

This model of high heels is super cute in its way of reminding you of adorable hedgehogs. The fluffy design of fur around the toe part of the high heels makes sure that you won’t feel cols in the autumn and can even wear them in winter while strikes a contrast with the thin high heels made in patent leather, which is hard and cold against the soft and warm feeling of the fur ball at the top part of the toe. Besides, the both colors are very classic and easy to match with. 

This pair of peep-toe high heels decorated with feather is totally chic with a all-time classic two-tone style. The patterns carved in the surface of the high heels are also shaped in snake skins. While the feather at the top of the high heels soften and warm the whole cold and hard look of high heels that will benefit you a lot in autumn.

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