Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Amy Winehouse – She Used to Be the Muse of the Fashion Industry

Amy Winehouse’s passing away is undoubtedly a sad thing for all her music fans around the world. 27-years-old Amy was the first British singer who had won five Grammy Awards. Though her brilliant achievements in music can not overshadow her messy personal life, her sudden death is still a great loss for many music fans. 

Looking back at the short 27 years of Amy Winehouse, although tangled with the negative news, she still has many great highlights in her exciting life. Apart from many historic music awards, she used to be closely linked to the fashion industry. She had been regarded as his Muse by Karl Lagerfeld. 2008 Chanel early autumn series show is modeled based on Amy Winehouse. And her two collaborations with the fashion brand Fred Perry are most commendable by people. 

On May 2011, it is nearly one year later after Amy Winehouse’s disappearance. And her comeback to the public is accompanied with breaking news of collaboration on releasing a series with Fred Perry. This is their second collaboration between Amy and the brand. Their inspiration comes from architectural deconstruction back in the 50s. Plus, plaid, high-waist skirts and Hawaiian print and other elements are also among Amy’s favorite styles. 

This is the co-released series by Amy Winehouse and Fred Perry this May and has been considered as Amy’s comeback work. Many people had been put great faith in this and thought that once remarkable Amy in both music and fashion circles had come back! Who would have ever thought just a few months later, Amy turned away like this from us. And all she left in the world of her fashion style was only this series co-worked with Fred Perry.

Amy Winehouse and Fred Perry’s first collaboration had caused a sensation. Back then, Amy’s personal style had been recognized by many fashion masters including Karl Lagerfeld. This is in the lookbook Amy herself shoots for Fred Perry. This series is doubtlessly the best interpretation of her unique style. Different from her flirtatious and exaggerated stage style, in this series, Amy’s style is closer to her private looks with a strong sexy British style. High arched cellular hairstyle and hair band were always Amy’s favorites and the thick black eyeliner had also become one of the most important elements that were necessary in her looks of this series.

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