Friday, August 19, 2011

The Matched Couples in Matched Styles

Do you feel that many star couples look like each other? The reason is perhaps not exactly about their looks but their similar styles, which are developed through long-time being together with each other. Over the growing of their relationship, they can become highly compatible in whether colors or styles.

The sweet angel Miranda Kerr and elf prince Orlando Bloom make a perfect match for both of them boast gorgeous looks that will disappoint people with whatever they put on. Kerr chooses a bright orange little dress to match with the all black suit of her husband’s. The funky and perky style of Kerr matches in a perfect way with the calm and gentle style. Both make perfect match with each other. 

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore both dress in leisure styles. Ashton looks handsome and hot in a white and black plaid shirt covered by a simple designed suit coupled with a pair of jeans while Demi dresses a little bit old-fashioned with white blouse and black suit pants. But standing along with the husband 16 years younger than her, Demi Moore has made her best in not trying too hard to look younger. 

Though they have are not been married yet, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie dress as if they have already done. At official events, men’s choices are basically limited to black, white and grey. But as the world’s hottest man, Brad Pitt dresses up smartly in a pair of black leather pants, looking both handsome and chic as well as going perfectly with Jolie’s satin black dress. 

Heidi Klum and Seal’s six-year happy marriage with adorable kids in the full house have proved again the success of match between different races. Seal’s bright lemon yellow womens shoes echo his wife’s light coffee short skirt while Heidi uses a black clutch bag to go with her husband’s suit in the same color. 

Being respectively a sexy beauty and a handsome hottie, Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green look as if walking from a film scene and they both choose a minimalist outfit in simple color while making both of their womens shoes the eye-catching highlights – Megan steps on a leopard patterned Christian Louboutin high heels while Brian wears a pair of leisure womens shoes in classic white and black. 

As the model couple in the entertainment business, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes may not look best separately but together they bring out the best side in each other with consistent black showing their low-key but elegant fashion styles.

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