Thursday, August 11, 2011

Salvatore Ferragamo High Heels – The Favorite Red Carpet Shoes for Women Stars

Even without the long-standing origin between Salvatore Ferragamo and Hollywood or their relationship with the silver screen goddesses Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, the Salvatore Ferragamo high heels themselves are as legendary as ever when showing up on the red carpet. In this age abundant in the abused use of “elegance”, Salvatore Ferragamo upgrades the true level of elegance by presenting its fabulous evening high heels. Designed in simple figure without much extra decorations, their slender and straight heels help create the most beautiful leg lines. The best shoes are all about harmony. Salvatore Ferragamo high heels will deliver people your best image stunning the whole world by being the simple shoes as they are in a low-key way. Now let’s check out some of the most fabulous moments of Salvatore Ferragamo high heels on the red carpet. 

Zhang Jingchu looks absolutely elegant in a royal and gentle way in the violet tube dress coupled with violet satin Salvatore Ferragamo sandals. The violet color as well as the sleek, smooth and shiny satin design echo with each other in an adorably harmonious way. 

Zoe Saldana’s red chiffon dress design strikes people with a graceful impression by the means of the multiple layers of fiery red colors, matched with metallic purple colored Salvatore Ferragamo high heels, creating a charmingly enigmatic feeling through the fascinating color contrast of bright red and shiny purple. 

American actress of new generation Amy Adams dresses in a blue sequined gown designed in delicate Oriental style. The shiny sequins dazzling people’s eyes on the dark blue dress remind people of twinkling stars in the night sky. The high-slit design of the dress makes a perfectly exquisite combination with coupled with elegant black satin Salvatore Ferragamo high heels. 

Angelina Jolie looks like a holy goddess in the long gown in nude color, which shows best her slender and sexy figure line. The dress matches a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo heels in the same color with chic peep-toe design makes an extremely gorgeous and stunningly beautiful whole image. 

Sarah Jessica Parker wears a tight tube dress in light purple with an elegant black overcoat, creating a look that is multiple-layered as well as both refreshingly gracful and mysterious thanks to the color contrast. The accessories of a pair of satin pinted-toe Salvatore Ferragamo high heels in golden brown and a clutch bag in multiple colors adds more sexiness to the whole look.

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