Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Let your horoscope pick your shoes

Here we pick 6 pairs of shoes that represent the 6 signs of the Zodiac (the remaining 6 to follow shortly). Read on to find out what shoes are for your sign of the zodiac.

Aries - Oxford Shoes
Aries should showcase their forthright natures with a cool pair of Oxfords. Pick a light color to soften the look a bit and create a confident, yet gentle look.

Thick heels can on the one hand reflect Taurus’ steadiness and on the other hand show off one’s femininity. The open toe design undoubtedly blends sweetness with sexiness in a natural way. For something with a bit more personality, choose bright colors such as bright yellow and cobalt blue to make sure to attract attention to you full-bodied and elegant feminine beauty.

Gemini - Collage-Style Flat Shoes
Choosing flat shoes let the Gemini seem more down to earth and soften that sometimes overly strong personality. And for the dual character of Gemini, the collage-style is the perfect choice. This pair is made of flexible material with strong color contrast, reflecting Gemini’s both lively and quiet temperament.

The front of the shoes are completely covered by flowers and ornaments designed to highlight Cancer’s childlike and kind nature. The thinly shaped heels give off a light on your feet appearance, ready for any situation. Pink and yellow colors are warm but not too bright, perfectly suiting Cancer’s poetic side.

Leo - Crystal or Metal Accented High Heels
Leos should wear shoes that embody glamour and elegance. The luxurious crystal and eye-catching golden metal reflects Leo’s worship of mammon. The super high heels reflect Leo’s self-confidence. Shiny gold, burning red or wild leopard patterns allow Leos to show off ultimate luxury.

Easy and comfortable to wear as heels, while still very feminine, these low heels are the perfect choice in Virgo’s eyes. Its all-purpose style is convenient for Virgo’s pickiness. The buckled shoes enhance stability, while the overall style will be pleasing to all. As for the color, black, white, silver and other classic colors work well.

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