Friday, July 22, 2011

Plastic Shoes Help Keep Your Good Mood on Rainy Days

Summer can easily make people cranky with its viciously hot sun light or the continual rain. So to keep your good mood even on rainy days, the easiest choice may be to choose a pair of comfortable plastic shoes. Here we offer some for you to pick.

Melissa X Jean Paul Gaultier black high heels

The thought of wearing a pair of high heels on rainy days may surprise you, but this model resulted from the collaboration between Melissa and JPG is featured with Roman strap elements. To replace leather with plastic not only make shoes more comfortable and fit to wear but also can perfect the detail of the look of the shoes. 

Melissa animal pattern low boots

Low boots are suitable for days with heavy rain; this type is totally chic with its toe tip design plus the fashionable animal pattern. It can match perfectly whether you are wearing pants or skirt. 

Sergio Rossi plastic flip-flops

This simple pair of flip-flops slippers is the favorite of many celebrities and a must have for summer. Whether you are dressing in a long dress or shorts, this will help create an European style for you. The plastic material will help your shoes function well through the rainy days. 

F-Troupe plastic shoes

Its cute pink color can really make people have this urge to have a bite of it. The adorable instep design brings out a young and lively vibe. The plastic material ensures that you can wear them with no worry for a walk outside and they are thus very cheap at the best price you can definitely afford. 

F-Troupe transparent plastic sandals

The bow of this model is absolutely adorable, coupled with transparent insteps, making this pair of F-Troupe endearing to anyone who set eyes on them. You can wear simple jean suit or cute dress to match with it, either way, this pair will disappoint you in making you the most chic girl in the rain. 

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania for Melissa 

This pair of black wedge slippers is super easy to slip on and off. The black color prevents it from looking dirty and the wedge design will make up for the stature problem for the short girls.

Melissa white plastic sandals

This simple but elegant pair of sandals in white would be many girls’ favorite. Its kitten heels making waling in them very comfortable. They are not only fit for rainy days, on sunny days, wearing them will make you look stylishly chic, too.

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