Sunday, July 24, 2011

Be a Sweet Lady with Boat-Shaped Flats

This summer, you must enjoy having your feet set free from sneakers and showing your little ankle under the summer sun. And a pair of boat-shaped flats may increase your sweetness and make your trip more fun. Here we present you some classic models to choose from.

This elegant and confident design is an all-time classic, matched with a casual leisure wear, reflecting more confidence and decency in particular. And the simple color paired with thin fabric can totally free your feet. This is a must have for a little trip in the sunny afternoon. 

This specially designed pair is very unique with a great vibe of elegance bought by the decorative rivets. You can match this pair with some chic dress and you may instantly feel like walking in a palace.

This pair may be the favorite for girls who dig square patterns. The black and purple combination is both reliable and refined. You can match with this pair some clothes in light color, bring out the whole confident vibe.

This pair of boat-shaped flats with white soles and red patterns is so unique in the traditional Chinese style. Matched with a black or white outfit can make you seem vigorous and confident in a simple style. 

This pair of boat-shaped flats in pink with removable flower decoration is super delicate and refined that it will go perfectly with leisure clothes to create a ladylike look. In the beautiful summer, you can enjoy having flowers around your feet every step you walk in this pair of pink boat-shaped flats and have a great mood while traveling through the summer breeze. 

The decorative bow adds a different color to this brown pair of boat-shaped flats, bringing out a both noble and confident look. This model is the perfect one to match for it goes with everything, whether the most chic outfit or the accessories in Chinese style, they can all look uniquely great matched with this pair. 

The special highlight in this pair lies in the design of double color of different pink. The designer creates a way for you to appreciate the beauty of this pair of shoes from two different angles with this remarkable idea. Of course, if you can match this pair of gorgeous and individual boat-shaped flats with clothes in white or white series colors, it can make you look fabulously outstanding even in a big crowd.

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