Sunday, July 31, 2011

Celebrity Sisters in Different Styles

Sisters are not rare in the entertainment business, but to find these celebrity sisters in the same style seems like a mission impossible. Now we will present you a closer look at how these star sisters dress up differently. 

Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton both enter the entertainment industry from being models and now they have both become the It Girls in the forefront of fashion. Though they are sisters and similar in many ways, their tastes in clothes differentiate greatly. One tends to be high-profile and uninhibitedly beautiful while the other dresses following a low-key but still extravagant code. Though each of their tastes is differently great, when they walk together in the streets for shipping, you may find Paris Hilton catch your eyes more easily with her high-profile style that often comes with various designs such as colorful patterns and bow design sling top. Paris’s blonde hair often makes her as shiny as a Barbie doll even in black dresses while Nicky digs pants more than dresses and can totally pull of simple jeans coupled with a beige coat.

As the most popular Simpson sisters in the music industry, Ashley has now topped her sister Jessica with her music achievement as well as her fashion style. One is always dressed to be perky and the other mature. Ashley’s bold style in trying new look may be the reason why she beats Jessica in dressing style. Jessica may still have a shot in competing with Ashley but she clearly put on some weight after breaking up with her boy friend while Ashley doesn’t change a bit after giving birth. 

Known as the successor of Britney, Hilary Duff looks sweet and adorable. She has been popular among American young audience since she began starring in the Disney Channel TV series “Lizzie McGuire” at 14. The movie version of the drama series also snatched a box office of $42 million, making Hilary one of the top teen idols. From their different looks, we can easily find that Hillary Duff looks much younger than her sister but her sister Haylie Duff has this charm of a more mature woman. Though being comparably short, Hilary can still pull off some best dresses. However, after the breaking up with her ex-boyfriend, Hilary seems to put on much weight but still her dress code in black help her a lot in looking slender.

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