Sunday, July 31, 2011

Fashion Trend Setter Anna Wintour Won Legion d' Honneur -- French Highest Honor

Last week, fashion trend setter Anna Wintour was awarded French highest honor -- Legion d’Honneur. President Sarkozy presented the medal to her personally. 

It seems that in order to have an extraordinary achievement in fashion industry, you have to own an ordinary name, like Kate or Anna. Recently, apart from the two fabulous “Kate” being covered by every fashion magazine, news about Anna also steals much attention from the media. Apart from the incident of Lady Gaga mistook this big shot as her assistant and replied her congratulation text on Gaga’s winning of CFDA calling her “bitch”, Anna Wintour nailed French highest honor -- Legion d’Honneur last week. This award would have been a honor worth celebrating, but this honor is exactly the award her “arch-enemy” Azzedine Alaia once turned down. So it is very normal she may feel a little offended down in the bottom of her heart.

On the award ceremony, Anna Wintour wore a customized Chanel sapphire suit dress from 2011-2012 winter series, took off her sunglasses and changed her cool image into a super gentle look with the smile on her face through the whole ceremony. After all, this is not her ruling place. Before her, many famous designers including Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano, and Ralph Lauren have been granted this award as well as her “arch-enemy” Azzedine Alaia, with whom they have no comments to offer to each other. Things between them went from bad to worse since 2009, when Anna Wintour erased Alaia’s name from the “Model as Muse” exhibition held in Met’s Costume Institute and Alaia called Anna the dictator. At Alaia’s new series conference, no one from Vogue US showed up and Alaia also played hooky in the curtain call to apologize to her staff in the kitchen until she was caught by the French Minister of Culture to complete the curtain call finally. 

When Sarkozy tried to present the award to the maverick Azzedine Alaia back then, this young designer who has once declared that he will never join any grand brand but instead set up his own brand turned it down by claiming that the reason for his rejection was not that he didn’t like Sarkozy like people guessed but that he simply did not like decoration (the award medal is presented in the form of medal). According to this weird genius designer, he thought himself nothing different from anyone around and he treated those around him with the same attitude except for his pets because they are kings and must be treated in the royal way.

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