Thursday, July 28, 2011

Make Your High Heels the Most Beautiful Garden with a Lingering Butterfly

Sergio Rossi’s butterfly series will grant girls an opportunity they have never had to create a most beautiful soul on their ankles. With all kinds of beautiful butterflies fluttering their wings lingering on the high heels made of goatskin and snakeskin in one single color, the shoes turn into magical garden that will shine like the most precious diamond in the moonlight, dazzling everyone’s eyes with all kinds of flowers hidden in them. Now let the garden carnival begin!

This model makes us feel as if we accidentally fall into the rabbit hole and stumble upon the wonderland where all magical blossoms are burgeoning. Walking in this pair of shoes, we feel like watching the caterpillar turning into a most beautiful butterfly and the little buds burgeoning into glamorous blossoms. The magical garden is suffused with extremely sexy vibe and the enchanted words begin to be spread around, leaving the garden a figure of a pair of most exquisite high heels.

This model seems to lure butterflies as well as girls with its enigmatic color that is inspired by the color of the natural nautilus fossil. The designer finds the best way of using lacquer leather to create a metallic style in this great color, playing the enigmatic vibe to its fullest. Besides, the extremely slender high heels add more sexiness into this pair of stiletto. The whole design in the natural but mysteriously magnificent color will make you the sexiest lady who is delivering a most enchanting enigmatic vibe around you wherever you. Be careful you may attract too many “butterflies” to swarm after you.

The color combination of gold and black is always a classic style that is never outmoded and will do magical work in improving your elegance almost instantly once you put on this pair of high heels. The gold color of the butterfly wings creates an extravagant vibe for the whole look. The velvet material offers a subtly tender and gentle vibe, coupled with the quiet lingering butterfly design, making the whole shoes the most elegant you can ever find. Plus, the black color also delivers a sexy look. So by trying on this pair of shoes, you can definitely become the most charming woman that is both elegant and sexy.

Don’t linger around any more, take those shoes home and let the butterfly always linger around your ankle.

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