Monday, July 25, 2011

Everyone’s Favorite Little Bottle

In addition to sexy models, fabulous celebrities and a feast of fashion clothes, in the 2011 New York Autumn and Winter Fashion Week, a little square bottle comes into the limelight.

Whether it’s in the fashion show, press conferences or the dressing room, this little bottle can be seen everywhere. This bottle -- FIJI Water spring has even got more spotlight than some of the stars. As the exclusively standard drinking water for fashion week FIJI Water prepares a very suitable slogan – “Good taste is always in fashion.” It’s not just about clothes or accessories, but a persistent attitude to fashion. 

Chris Pine carries FIJI Water on his way out.
Different grand brands compete with each other at Fashion Week, but they seem to have the remarkably common taste in water. VIPs, star and ladies of the first row choose unanimously the FIJI Water to enjoy the fabulous clothes while sipping it. Someone makes some statistics when fashion week ends, a total of 121,608 bottles of FIJI Water are consumed in less than a month. This amazing figure is sufficient to earn itself its own spot in the fashion industry.

Megan Fox with her little bottle
Another fan of FIJI Water is the cutting-edge American designer Christian Siriano from the Project Runway who is famous for his Gothic style. He extends this persistent personal favor to his show, making both his audience and his models revel in the pure water. 

Zac Efron drinks FIJI Water in his jogging.
How come this little bottle has so much magic to make all the big shots never put it down? Mysterious things usually have a mysterious origin, FIJI Water is no exception. Like its name, FIJI Water is a remote island called Viti Levu of Fiji Islands. There’s a primeval tropical rain forest on the valley there and around its edge stands an ancient giant volcano. Hidden in the depth of the volcano, there is vast water where the FIJI Water comes from. This extraordinary origin determines FIJI Water’s extraordinary future. In Fiji, after the centuries of filtering from volcanic layers, rainwater is abundant with the most important minerals only, making the FIJI Water have the most tender and fresh taste. Its unique taste plus its stylish design of square bottle and hibiscus flower pattern make it of Hollywood star a favorite and the most frequent guest in major party and award ceremonies. 

Anne Hathaway is a fan, too.

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