Thursday, July 21, 2011

Shoes & Horoscopes Part 2

In the last issue, we have introduced six pairs of shoes exclusively for your horoscope. Now let’s present you the remaining six.

Libra – lacquered leather stilettos

Libra can fully show the elegance and confidence hidden in a pair of stiletto and stiletto can perfectly bring our Libra’s elegant beauty. Whether it’s Bright yellow, bright red or brilliant blue, the color can always resemble an endearing jumping sprite under the reflection of the shiny lacquered leather, making you stand out in a big crowd. You can choose stiletto with a bow or floral design to achieve a sweeter effect.

Scorpio - tiny point-head high heels

In traditional sense, high heels are the patent for mature women, but a tiny point-head design adds a sweet tinge and weakens the maturity, coupled with high heels’ effect in pulling the leg line longer, totally bringing out Scorpio’s sexy trait. Matched with provocative red or purple color, this pair is luring enough with its sexy sweetness.

Sagittarius – flannel flats

Sagittarius is the vigorous type that sweet ladylike shoes may not match so well. For your convenient of moving around easily, flats may be the best choice that comes with zero suffering. To increase the firmness of shoes, it is very necessary to choose shoes with straps. As for the colors, vibrant colors like green, orange, etc. suit you best and the pattern design or dot design may seem great for you.

Capricorn – kitten heels in matte

Capricorn’s conservative personality makes them rarely attracted by fancy style, but simple style may inevitably increase your sense of seriousness. This problem can be solved perfectly in the aid of matte as the material for the insteps. Being perfectly neat but not too simple, this design makes even the dull black look great with feminine softness, suiting office lady very much.

Aquarius – wedge shoes with hemp or wooden heels

Aquarius is always pursuing new ideas, for them the ordinary lady shoes are just fancy patterns with no creativity at all. The hemp and wooden heels may meet their demand in creativity. The more natural and more individual material reflects Aquarius great imagination and creativity. And wedge shoes can go with whether shorts or long dresses.

Pisces – round-headed doll flats

Round-headed doll flats can bring out best Pisces’ cute vibe. With no complication or depression, this style brings out your most innocent and easy-going temperament. The lacquer material can reflect more of your sweetness, coupled with candy colors, making you irresistible with the adorable look. Of course, if you want to add a sweeter tinge, you can choose a pompon as decoration.

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