Saturday, July 30, 2011

Meet Wafah Dufour, the Niece of Bin Laden

According to Reuters, Wafash Dufour is the daughter of Bin Laden's half brother, namely his niece. Her original name was Wafash Bin Laden. But after “9.11” incident, in order to get rid of the negative impact of Bin Laden, she changed her last name into her madden name Dufour. In recent days, her series of photos have been spread all over the internet with the spread of the news of Bin Laden being dead. People are mesmerized by her sexy look and great figure plus the enigmatic identity. 

Wafash Dufour has once been a professional model and she dresses in a very American style. She often shoots hot pictures for many various fashion magazines. In the series of pictures she shoots for GQ, Wafash looks smoking hot with the some extremely luring postures. In one picture, she lies in an extremely extravagant bed, with one hand clutching her chest and the other holding on to the headboard, pouting a little bit as the sexiest goddess. And in another picture, she sits in the bath tub totally naked with a glass of champing in her right hand. Though her naked body is covered by the foams and bubbles that surround her, she still looks very sexy with her bare shoulders and legs. 

Now 27-year-old Wafash Dufour is working with great efforts to get rid of the bad influence her uncle Bin Laden has left on her. In the interview with GQ, the famous American fashion magazine, Wafash says that she has nothing in common with the Al-Qaeda leader Bin Laden. She also expresses her wish that American pubic could accept her as herself regardless of her whatever identity. In the interview, Wafash Dufour said, “All people think of me as the girl who is related to Bin Laden, but in fact, I just simply have nothing to do with him.” 

Wafash Dufour can play a variety of musical instruments and she loves American pop music. Apart from her great passion for music, Wafash Dufour’s gorgeous look and hot figure also grants her the opportunity and possibility to become a Hollywood movie star and that has always been one of her dreams. To make this dream come true, recently Wafash has agreed to cooperate with American Reagan Media Company to shoot a reality TV show about her personal life. 

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