Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Retro and Ethnic-Styled Flats Relieve Your Feet in Style

In the end of this summer, if you are tired of the suffering of high heels and want to find some kind of womens shoes that are perfectly comfortable. Here are some models of flat shoes we would like to recommend to you in retro and ethnic style, which will definitely keep you in perfect comfort as well as elegant style.

This model of flat shoes is exuding in ethnic style in every detail of the design with the colorful transparent cute little beads lined alongside the metallic chain, making an independently unique pair of flat shoes coupled with leather soles in the original color. The black elastic band straps are extremely comfortable to wear. The color combination of black and metallic colors makes a classic design that is extremely easy to match. You can choose some shiny nail polish to go with the pair of flat shoes, making you look really chic. In addition to the black-soled type, there is also an elegant alternative choice for you to choose in the color of beige, which will bring out your best skin color. 

The dark rose colored satin coupled with silver decorations deliver a simple but never dull style with both hard and cold as well soft and warm feelings. A large round diamond plate has become the soul of the whole shoes, which will make your white and gorgeous skin more dazzling. And the insoles are made of ancient wood in amber color full of elegant retro style in a rustically casual way. 

This model of flat shoes is full of grace with insteps strung together with purple shiny beads coupled with chic insoles and straps designed in soft and sleek satin, making a dazzling combination that will definitely catch people’s eyes and make you the focus of attention that easily stands out among a lot of people in perfect charm and elegance. 

The whole pair of flat shoes delicately uses the pattern of snakeskin to develop the uniform effects. And the light sky blue color makes a great contrast with all kinds of diamonds and gold thin chain in remarkable luster without losing any elegance at all. In addition, the arranged colorful beads will form uniform glittery in regular shapes that will brighten your skin color and make you look even more gorgeous in the extravagant shiny lights, attracting much attention for you.

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