Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Roman-Styled Ankle Strap Patent Leather Wedge Heeled Sandals Make You a Smooth Transition from Summer to Autumn

At every transition period between two seasons, to pick out a suitable pair of womens shoes that will fit the changeable weather is not an easy task. Here we present you a model of sandals in the chic roman style with looped ankle straps that will help you go through this transition period from summer to autumn smoothly in total style that fits the changeable weather between summer and autumn. 

This model of sweet roman-styled wedge heeled womens shoes is designed with elegant ankle straps in the shape of loops, which are extremely chic in style and will make your legs look slimmer as well as make your ankles seem slender. Plus, the wedged high heels have been the most popular type of high heels throughout this summer, winning every girl’s heart with both its height and its comfort. The wedged high heels can not only make sure you will look taller and more high-spirited but also make you walk in style with perfect elegant effortlessly. 

This model of roman-styled ankle strap wedge heeled sandals is made in patent leather, which grants the whole pair of womens shoes a glamorous luster that will definitely catch people’s eyes and make you the focus of attention even among a big crowd of people. The top-quality patent leather makes sure that it will not wear off easily as the ordinary leather does. Plus, the rubber made soles make sure you will walk in complete comfort in them. 

This model of roman-styled high-heeled sandals is available in three colors, including light yellow, pink in nude shade and sky blue, which are favorite colors of girls. Coupled with the patent leather, these light candy colors will deliver a luster that is both adorably sweet and dazzling shiny in chic glitz and glamour. The sky blue fits best for girls to match with a little chiffon dress in order to show the most innocent temperament of you. The light yellow will ensure that you can bring out your perky side entirely. And the pink color is close to the currently most popular nude color, which is totally girlish in all sweetness and charm. 

With this pair of Roman-styled ankle strap wedge heeled sandals on, you will definitely go through a smooth transition in perfect style as well in full elegance through late summer to autumn.

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